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Wing-Movement Sheet 2

A: A "popular" movement you see very often, landing/starting birds move a wing "like" that.
B: A similar movment, just with another angle and more bend down.
C: Streched up, you can see such a movement when the bird stops in the air before landing.
D: Bend forward, a pretty useful pose for winged people and anthros, just "waiting" before they take off.
E: This is more a comical movement of a wing, just if a bird would use it like a hand.
F: Similar pose just with the primary feathers bend down.
G: The same here, its more comical... It is like you would make a hug with wings. (The red part is the invisible part of the primary feathers)
H: Unusual Wing-movent you still see often at Bird Anthros or Character, you bend the part with the primary feathers like the wrist, to create a natural movment of the "not existing" hand on the wing.
I: A bird folds his wings on his back when resting, this is the movement just before he finally folds it on his back.

EDIT: Updated... I wanted to make that available as print, but I can't get the inked drawings scanned in a higher quality.. so if you are intersted in a print of this one, just tell me ;)

Another Edit cause.. yes... I get too much feedback concerning this not being correct, this is supposed to be a WING AS AN ARM! not the inverse way, just if you want to bend a wing in the pose of an arm, I know this isn't perfect and I never said so, but still, I hope it is helpful at all.
and please keep in mind, this is OLD, REALLY OLD ^^;
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100% agree with this. Thanks for providing these.

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Thank you so much, this work helps me every time!
0Luna123's avatar
Can you make tutoral for drawing wings? :3 
Lizkay's avatar
I started doing one aaaaages ago ^^; when I find a useable file I will definitely upload it ;)
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very good. What I really want to get better at is wings.
tinystargazer's avatar
These are great references for animation too! *saves to my references* Thank you and great job!
Lizkay's avatar
Always enjoyed this piece- understanding the underlying skeletal geometry makes the splay of feathers SO MUCH BETTER.

Thank you for sharing it :).
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May I use some of these poses for my harpy? I will gladly credit you:)
Lizkay's avatar
Surely ;) just use them :D
h0mi3's avatar
thank you! : D
AuburnGeek's avatar
For some reason the arms make me laugh because of the positions they're in. Maybe it's because of my friend's flamingo impression... and maybe it reminds me of a chicken. Humor aside, great drawing.
M00N-FRUIT's avatar
Oh my gosh this is so very helpful! Thank you for posting ^.^ 
Majestickittyn's avatar
this is so beautiful and just what i needed omg this is great !!
Hazelgee's avatar
really useful! thank you for sharing ;)
alkindadopts's avatar
this is gonna help me so much
D-CloudZone's avatar
Thanks! n_n This help me a Lot!
AriaHope's avatar
Thanks for the referance!
CrazytigerArtist's avatar
this is great! Wings are always tricky and this helps a lot! thanks!
Rezuko's avatar
omg this is the best thank you so much
Cool! This will help a lot thanks!
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