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Urban Tiger Warrior - steps

step by step file for my Tiger Warrior Painting, won't explain each step because it's mainly take a brush and paint action....
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You had me at step one :p
TyTheWunx's avatar

I have to do something like that...
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I love this, even the sketch looks good!
That's my problem with my sketches, I try too hard to put detail in them. Can't limit myself. Guh.
Jezex's avatar
Oh right, awesome.
Looks like i have alot to learn!
Its amazing how well you can both draw and illustrate. I'm really impressed :)

I vote for a how to shade tutorial :P
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Thanks a lot! :D
I started with a tutorial about shading ages ago.. never had time to finish it though ^^;

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That is really awesome, :+fav:
looks like i have a new favourite artist

How did you manage the textures of the binding
on the sword shaft?

Patterns are awesome, did you use a tablet?

Only critisism is that the katana could have been longer.
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Thanks a lot! :D
It's all painted on, I paint the pattern of the sword haft as rough lines at the beginning and then I add shading and light areas until it looks like a band wrapped around ;)

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Awww I love tiger!
Tutorial is cool :3
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I LOVE stuff like this! I love seeing how it all comes together! Thanks so much for this!
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Wow! this is fantastic, gives me a lot to think about. and the result purrrr-fect...a few questions if you don't mind.

1. The step between 1 and 2. Do you scan in paper drawn, then create a layer under the scanned image and paint under the sketch deleting white space?
(i try and do this too, but i always get bitty bits where photoshop can't fill properly or can't select all the white precisely enough to delete it) i need help with this, i spend far to long doing minute touch u also suffer from this?

2.Do you apply lighting effects to get the 3D look or if that done using individual brushes like lighten, sponge, burn etc...

3. How did you create the yello armour type bit

Thanks! i know its a lot to answer, top notch work!
Lizkay's avatar
Thanks! :D
concering the part with the sketch, I use the Channel Marking method to get it seperated and useable on a own layer, I even made a tutorial on how to do that: [link]

The shading of the yellow armor part and the base "behind" the fur is the same, I use the lasso tool to mark an area and then fill it with a gradient using the gradient tool, then I blurr the areas together either with a blurr filter or the blurr finger tool ;)
hair and details is painted on later with a small bursh :D

vinnikiniki's avatar
Wow, lizkay, your awesome...
I've been using photoshop for a while but i didn't even know these things existed! This is perfect because the basis for a lot of my work is draw by hand then scan. My coulouring was such a pain in the past, you've saved me a lot of time and helped me up my game.

Although in your tutorial(which is awesome)i don't understand the step when you insert "light" as a layer under headlight. You create a new layer, u call it "LIGHT" but how do you insert light? I tried filter --> Render-->lighting effects on the newly created layer, it doesn't work. Could you clarify please?

Btw way if you don't mind me asking.Whats your job/what do u do for money. Did you work for transformers/hasbro? I'm guessing you live of your work, it's on a great level,v.inspiring


ps - bonus question. If you were to do make this image better [link] , what would you do/suggest.Perhaps you want to give it a go?
Lizkay's avatar
Thanks! :w00t:

Oh that light is simply painted ;) the same as with the colors, it's a layer above the flat colors with a white gradient added or whatever light you paint on there, but it's no real effect or filter.

and on a side note, yeah I am a fulltime artist ;) I mainly color and paint backgrounds and characters for screen stuff also did a piece or two for Hasbro through my studio job... but badly no TF stuff at this point.

PS.: and concerning your RastaRabbit image, you could try to paint the sketch lines ;) that's a nice effect! But other than that I think it looks fine the way it is! :D
vinnikiniki's avatar
Ah...Ok yeh that makes sense. Its a really interesting technique, when i get my head round it i'll have to show you what i've managed to come up with.

When u say screen stuff...Do you mean like silk screen printing (t-shirt etc.) or for the tv/other broadcast format?

thanks for the crit, takecare!
Lizkay's avatar
screen in the meaning of a computer, handheld or whatever platform screen ;)
Toyger's avatar
I love step by steps =^_^=
Even without words you can learn allot from them =)
Thanks for sharing it =^_^=
tamiveldura's avatar
Wow... awesome. I love seeing these step-by-step processes.
RedRodent's avatar
About how many hours did all this take? :o Incredible work! :D
Lizkay's avatar
hmm... a lot this time, can't really tell exactly as I worked with a lot of breaks, roughly I would say 10+ hours.
RedRodent's avatar
Wow :) That's a good amount of time for such an excellent piece!
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So do you clean up the sketch marks during this process?
Lizkay's avatar
I take the sketch layer in the rough stage and merge it together with the color layer, then I paint over the parts ;)
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