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Mustang Shelby GT-H - Steps



the step-by-step making-of thingy of the Shelby Mustang painting I did.. so what's happening there:

1. the 4H pencil sketch, 12 minutes without cleaning and scanning.

2. Basecolor layer under the sketch added, also cleaned...

3. golden stripes and grill added...

4. shading added (gradient tool and lasso tool)

5. rims painted, colored the sketch-lines to fit the base color of the car (instead of having them black, to do so you need to lock the pixels on the sketch layer)

6. Light added (gradient tool and lasso tool, layer set to "overlay")

7. shiny details painted on, merged all the other layers together, took a small brush, with orange color, set to "linear dodge" with around 8-12% opacity. Also added a shine refelection on the headlights and the glass parts.

8. "mood" layer and shadow added...
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Rings a bell from the movie, I Am Legend when Will Smith was chasing deers with a mustang.