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Digital Inking - Photoshop

By Lizkay

So here is the inking tutorial for sketches in photoshop ;)

Hope there aren't too many mistakes in the text... *gg* :blush: and I do hope it is easy to understand and helpful for inking :D

sorry.. I have to add.. the new DA submission form is totally.. :doh: ARGH! %&$§ insert evil word here...

Has anybody an idea how to make a preview file with the new submission form??? I can't find it... DARGH!
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awesome tutorial by the way :)
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are tablets better or mouse ? 
for coloring and making line arts :>
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It depends, some people love working with tablets, other still prefer the mouse. As for coloing I would say both have their advantages, I for example couldn't really ink or make linearts without my tablet anymore ^^; . But generally it still depends on the preferences of each user ;) I actually needed a very very long time to get used to a tablet at all.
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I asked u i use mouse but i was wondering to by a tablet so it is better ? 
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This is very useful- thank you!
sandy3697's avatar
Thanks for the tips dude this is really helpful^_^
Zhivankarst's avatar
Just the kind of information I was looking for - thank you!
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Thank you for this tutorial! :)
JDB-Inks's avatar
Some very useful tricks & Tips, ty!
This is very interesting! I'm thinking of inking with my tablet instead of that pen tool.
homaki's avatar
really helpful tut. thank you. ^^
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thanks for the tutorial! :huggle:
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I always has this shaky problem when doing the line , how do you over come that ? And , if I'm using tablet , the result of using tablet is actually the same like using a mouse . I have to erase the tip of the line to make sure the line looks nice .
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I had the problem with the shaky lines too, I could get rid of it by putting a sheet of paper on the active surface of the tablet, taped on with sticky tape, so it's a lot less slippery, but it makes your nibs worn out easily and a lot faster!
Concerning the lines being thin on the end and the beginning can be a program setting, in Photoshop for example you need to turn the 'pen pressure' on in the brush settings ;)
kimine-kun's avatar
Really ? We can put a paper on the end ? Thanks ! That really help me .
BTW I don't know how to change brush pressure because my Photoshop version is actually PS Element and they didnt provide the tool to edit brushes . So can you put a download brush set for this technique ? THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT INFORMATION !
Lizkay's avatar
yes, on the tablet-surface (not on the pen!), the signal of the tablet-pen goes through the paper, as said, the only negative thing you need to keep in mind is that it's going to grind down your tablet pen-nibs a lot faster than without paper!
The brush-setting, per se, the possibility to do settings at all can't be saved into a brush set, I am afraid, if the programm doesn't allow that setting you can't 'add' it ^^;
kimine-kun's avatar
What is a pen-nibs ? The plastic ending on the tip of the pen is it ?
Lizkay's avatar
yes, the little plastic end tip, it's replaceable ;)
but these parts are rather pricey
kimine-kun's avatar
You mean the little plastic at the tip will run out ? o_O ? And does people sell it anywhere ?
Lizkay's avatar
yes, only the small tip part ;) if you only use it on the tablet without paper it won't really get smaller, but the paper can grind it down.
and yes, they sell those tips you can get them here for example: [link] all you need to know is the exact type of your tablet
PurpleAmharicCoffee's avatar
Awesome tutorial, computer inking is so much better for consistency in my opinion, and having a pen tablet makes it easier for me. I especially like the shading tip at the end, I remember something like that from my Digital Media class last year but I forgot it earlier :D. I might shade the cover image and leave the rest as is.
Does anyone else find this the LONGEST part of doing a comic page?
kotacat's avatar
Yeah it totally is xD!
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Thanks! :w00t:
the part I need most of the time is cleaning up the sketch, if that work step is done the rest works out rather fast ;)
PurpleAmharicCoffee's avatar
Yes, cleaning up does help, I agree.
Thanks for the reply :)
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