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AdvancedCellShading - Tutorial

By Lizkay
My Advanced Cell Shading Tutorial based on one of my last pics, I still don't finished this pic ;) So well no complete result so far.
This is how I color my gradient cell shaded pieces, hopefull helpful and understandable, if you find any mistake etc. just tell me, a HTML verion of this on can be also found on under Tutorials.

EDIT: There is this sentence at the begining which tells you to go "HERE" at first if you want to work that one out with traditional drawn and scanned pics, this tutorial can be found here: [link] !!!!!

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© 2005 - 2021 Lizkay
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Link no work...
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Thanks!! >.<
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This tut gave me some great ideas, thank you :)
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Need's to be re-uploaded man 404 error...
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to see this tutorial click on the download button on the right side, to see the tutorial described (and placed for the word HERE in the text) go here: [link] that should work :)
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Big help with the gradient tool. : )
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Fantastic tutorial! Thank you!
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try this: [link]
it's the advanced version of this old tutorial that link refered to ;)
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This tutorial was very helpful and filled with a lot of useful information. I have just started working with a new style of art and this has definitely helped me along the way. If you would like to see the first piece I have tried using this tutorial, it can be found here [link] . Thank you for making such a lovely tutorial available to aid artists like me. :)
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:headbang: Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wouldn't this be considered gradient shading? Ah well, very nice tutorial.
If-Wings-Could-Fly's avatar
so cool & helpful! how do you get your lasso tool to have really smooth edges? mine always looks pixely...
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If your lasso tool is selected be sure the 'anti-alias' option is checked, it's visible on the top-menue bar ;)
you can even add a number highter than 0 in that feather: area up there to make it more smooth :)
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Thank you so much for making this! I'm hopeless with computers, and this is going to help a ton! :+fav:
BreakNeckTurtle's avatar
A very useful tutorial, Hat off to you for creating it, many thanks! :)
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I've added this tutorial in an article called Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #26
SnarkySidekick's avatar
Awesome. Thanks so much! :)
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By far the most useful and time saving tutorial ever. I have seen it on your site but i was never able to comment/ show my appreciation on it. I would have never thought of coloring like that. Thank you Very much for this wonderful Tutorial.

and to answer the old Gimp question above Yes it is able to lock transparent pixels (similar spot as CS2) but it could be a newer feature since 2005.
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Thanks a lot! :heart:
There is a way to make the process a lot faster, instead of working with the locked layers you can use masks, that's what I do for all my newer images and it works faster and is also easier ;)

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Thank you I will give that a try. Learning techniques are so fun! =D
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omg thankyou for making this ^___^ its helped me sooo much
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