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Ichigo v2

By Lizeth
Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach again.

Can't think of a cool title, sorry. Ink and Photoshop. 4 hours on and off.

Grrr... This guy... He started out as a gangly, droopy-eyed 15-year-old and then bam, bam, bam, in the space of a month he gets all these cool outfits and new powers, including a wicked dark Hollow/Demonic form that I've yet to be able to draw (Kyuubi, eat your heart out). :doh: Gotta love protagonists with warped multiple personalities. =P
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© 2005 - 2021 Lizeth
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Yenoa's avatar
Love his face :-)
NCloud's avatar
Great ichigo art, really nicely done, great work.
amaterasu12's avatar
Cheshire-moonRitsobi's avatar
wow, o.o this is awesome! i love the shading and all!!! =D
Obi-quiet's avatar
*sigh* I love his Bankai.
ViciousPaws's avatar
oh wow. its beautiful.
Rahne-Face's avatar
Thats so freaking awesome!!!
I love it and im adding it to my
great job, Lizeth-sensei! :D
he is very nicely drawn, that he is
Aahe's avatar
Wow, this looks great =D. I like his pose and expression.
Kadiasuoh's avatar
yes, so many cool outfits! I lvoe this!!! Black and white totally suits him XD
Stephy-chan78's avatar
he looks so cool !!!!!! ^w^
anime1addict's avatar
this looks so amazing! :peace:
Kapalsky's avatar
I like also charcahetrs with a double pesonnality, or schizophrenic...In Ichigo's case, I simple love his dark side.
That's a remarkable fanart that I see here!
Bitcrossfire's avatar
this pertty dam cool i love the way his just looking forward like "don't mess with me.." fav.
angelscorpse's avatar
weeeeeeee!~ awesome! as another one expected from lizeth ^^
KitsuneYoukaiX2006's avatar
RAWR! Smexy! I love this! *favs*
LastBlackDragon's avatar
Ichigos eyes have always fascinated me...

you draw them very nice ;D
Darkhuntress16's avatar
Love this pic! =D His bankai form is awesome! I love his expression too! It's looks so cool on how you did the shading and all! Awesome job!
Pyro-Fiend's avatar
I just LOVE the expressions on Ichigo's face throughout the Series... And you really captured it in this picture! Love it! *favs*
BankaiShinigami's avatar
ooooooooooooooh! wow ichigo looks HAWT!!!! lol great job :hug: +fav!
VelkynKarma's avatar
Wow, this is excellent! And his bankai form, too. :D I've FINALLY found a site that has scanlations up to the recent chapter releases, so I'm all caught up as far as Bleach I finally get this picture ^_^ Looks great!

And yeah, his hollow form is awesome....but creepy @_@ In any way you see him really--just the mask, full hollow form, or that creepy negatized Ichigo.

Nice pic! :D

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