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I never update this but I guess now is as good time as any to say I rearranged my deviations into neater folders and I left the "featured" folder only for stuff I'm still proud of. I haven't deleted many things because I'm a nostalgic sap, so I put the awful stuff in a folder.

And that's it.

Find me on tumblr for more art & regular updates (kinda) ->
From :iconprang: 's journal;
Comment and I'll look through your gallery and post here my fav three works of yours.
Only that you have to do the same afterwards in your journal :)

I doubt many (if any) people will comment, but I'm doing this anyway. Comment, comment now! x)

1- :icondamienmuerte:

1. Donkey Coat by DamienMuerte 2. AT - Heart Burn by DamienMuerte 3. Horned Creature by DamienMuerte
First of all, this is my graphics journal (PS journal)
in case anyone with LJ wants to friend it or something, go ahead.

What surprised me is the great acceptance caused by my mcweir icons & stuff which I proudly show here…

Well, there's also sparky & wex creations in there, but a Weir!multishipper such as I am can't help it :P


Other things (the spanish part of the post)
La guarri de Nikiu (No tengo ni zorra de como hacer para que salga el cuadradito, así que si alguien me ayuda, mejor) Me taggeó para un meme extraño. En fins: ¬¬

6 manías mías (Yo no elijo víctimas porque soy así de fashion xD)

1- TENGO que irme a la cama tarde, sea el día que sea, da igual.
2- Soy tan friki que creo que un día de estos mis amigas no frikis me repudiarán por la manía que tengo de hablar de mis frikismos.
3- Cuando me obsesiono, me obsesiono. Fuera de mi camino. He dicho.
4- Tengo una manía insana (existe esa palabra?) de escribir un montón de cosas y no llegar a termiar nada nunca.
5- Cuando me cae mal alguien, se me nota por queme vuelvo tremendamente borde. Al menos yo lo noto xDD
6- Y seis...erm.... si tengo un boli/lápiz/whatever en la mano, ya me lo puedes quitar si no quieres que dibuje cualquier cosa en cualquier lado. Literalmente xDD

Ala, ya está. Me ha costado, eh? y ahora a ver si soy capaz deponer esto para que me salga el sellito:
Miembro de: :iconmadrideviants:
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Exams are over and I'm free now. Nothing else to say, but a happy thought is always better than nothing *g*
How're you doing?

Also, I wanted to know a little bit about my friends in here, why not drop me a line with your name and age or something else? like your studies, or your hobbies or I don't know, the place where you live! Just to know you better ^^

EDIT: You're free to ask me, by the way ^^
Entonces, cuando consiga terminar la carrera, ¿voy a tener el mismo derecho que los petardos del libro de lingüística para inventarme palabras simplemente por ser así de guay?

Palabras como "sintacticocentrismo", "combinatoriedad", "mentalismo" o "generatividad"

Vale, mola. De momento, voy a ver si termino el trabajo de las narices si no quiero que cierta persona cometa geno-asesinato contra mi persona xDD
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What do I have to do in order to have the ID stamped here, on the front page? Lolololz I suck at this *g*
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Uhm, Hi! to any lurker out there. I have a livejournal, ( so I think I won't update this much, but just saying hi!

And a lil' presentation, maybe? I'm Lidia, 18, university student with too many free time expended with fandom, mostly. (Stargate Atlanis now) I'm extremely lazy and very shy, so I hope drawing is a way to know other people who happen to like it as much as I do.

Making this look like a journal entry:
I just came back from uni; the exam time is the worst ever, I took the spanish one today... wow was it bad... I can't believe I screwed up this much in my own language...
Because yes, I passed german with a high mark, and italian, which is way easier, failed the literature part *headdesk*
The good thing is that the grammar stuff is passed...

Well, five exams done, one more to go! Linguistics, get ready for meeee!
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