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Pokemon Random Gen Team Meme


Yes, I jumped the bandwagon. :U

Raichu: Electric-type

She's basically my defensive wall of my team. I use her a lot in competitive battling. Her name is Marmalade. :) My second choice for this spot would have been Gengar, but eh. :lol:

Typhlosion: Fire-type

He is with out a doubt, one of my favorite starters. I love his attacks, and his design is awesome.

Altaria: Dragon and Flying-type

A childhood favorite of mine, and I always use one whenever I replay the Gen 3 games. :)

Dusknoir: Ghost-type

At first I didn't like Dusknoir's design, but now I love the Pokémon. My second choice for this spot would have been Bronzong. :)

Chandelure: Ghost and Fire-type

What can I say? I love ghost-types and fire-types, so I automatically fell in love with this guy. XDDDD I use it all the time on my teams.

Slurpuff: Fairy-type

I love Swirlix, but I love Slurpuff, too. I'm currently training one, but oh my gosh it's so adorable, and quite a wall. :nod: I use both Swirlix and Slurpuff in battles. :D

Original meme by :iconky-nim:


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