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Prom contest voting. Writing (Ends July 20th, 2014) 

15 deviants said Submission for UmbreonGal's Prom contest    Broly pulled at the cuff of his dress shirt nervously. He was standing in the lobby of the Sapphire House of Emerald Skies Academy for the Gifted; a.k.a the girl’s dorm. All around him stood gaggles of giggling girls dressed in fancy dresses that either poofed out two feet around them, or looked so skintight that Broly was amazed that they could breathe.
    Broly himself was dressed very respectably in a dark green dress shirt, gold tie and a traditional black suit. A few other boys his age were standing awkwardly near him, glancing at the stairs every once in awhile, clearly wondering what was taking their dates so long.
    “Who would date him? She must be blind to even think about saying yes to Pansy Boy there. Let’s see who she is, maybe we can show her what a real man looks like.” Broly blushed, he knew he was timid, but he’d been getting better; his martial arts classes were really help
by Essania
6 deviants said Emerald skys contest *PROM*A beautiful girl with a pretty grey dress had been getting ready at the mirror for her best night of her life.....she just got her crush as her prom date and she was gonna admit her love to him finally .His name is Poseidon.....even thinking about him made her blush hard so hard she almost fainted. *ding dong* went the door *sliver walked down stairs and open the door to see poseidon standing their blushing as he sees her in her elegant dress she wore*
"Hey Silver" Poseidon said trying to hide his blush
"H-hey Poseidon" Sliver said blushing 
"Ready to go?" Poseidon asked with such a kind voice
"Y-Yea...." Sliver said as she walks out of her small red house to poseidon's car.As Poseidon opened the car door to let silver in the backseat...there Persephone sat waiting for silver patiently. Silver then climb into the car and when she got in Poseidon closed the door gently and went to the drivers seat and started the car.*broly who sitting up front put on his seatbelt so did the girls*
by FallingUpStars
3 deviants said Persephones and Brolys Promstory"Ok Broly, you can do it, if you don't do it today, you'll never do it. Just ask Persephone if she wants to go to prom with you."
These thoughts were occupying Brolys thoughts, while he was walking through the hallways ignoring everyone and everything in his way.
He stayed in this state, until he bumped into someone, which had as a consequence that, that someone grabbed him and said "God damn it Broly. What's your problem? You nearly ran me over!".
Broly still deep in thoughts replied more out of reflex, than with a real intent "Sorry bro, but I'm struggling with myself. I just can't find the guts to ask Persephone if she wants to go to prom with me."
"You are really stupid Broly, of cause I want to go to prom with you. Do you even know how long I waited for you to ask me." replied the other, which gave Broli a reason to look properly at the person he bumped into. He was shocked as he noticed, that he bumped into Persophone. After that he needed an other moment to realize what she just
by Ursegol

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