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Life Update

Sun Nov 25, 2018, 1:37 PM
I got into a car accident last week and the damage is pretty bad. I'm fine and staying with my mom until my car is fixed.

I have started a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of the repairs.…

Emerald Skies PDF

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 7:39 PM
I'm cleaning up my gallery a lot and decided that Emerald Skies is going to be a large chunk of it. I know a lot of you really enjoyed the work so I made the entire run into a PDF for download.

Click here to download --->…

I want to thank you all again for your support through the years of working on the project and the support you are giving me for future projects.

Happy reading~

Emerald Skies PDF

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 7:38 PM
I'm cleaning up my gallery a lot and decided that Emerald Skies is going to be a large chunk of it. I know a lot of you really enjoyed the work so I made the entire run into a PDF for download.

<a wytiwyg="1" href ="…">Click here to download.</a>

I want to thank you all again for your support through the years of working on the project and the support you are giving me for future projects.

Happy reading~

Emergency Commissions

Sun Aug 19, 2018, 5:37 PM
Update: Expenses come to about $800. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can't contribute monetarily, please spread the word.

Some very large and unexpected expenses came up this weekend so I'm in need of some extra cash.

Commission Information by LizDoodlez

GenCon 2018!

Wed Aug 1, 2018, 5:36 AM
I know things have been relatively quiet around here as of late, but I'm still working on Tale of Kain pages. I'm finishing up the chapter and trying to finish up writing the second and third chapters.

I'll be at GenCon in Indianapolis through Sunday and I cant/ won't be bringing my work with me since I'm using this as a pseudo-vacation. 

Also I start school up again on the 20th and I'll be making adjustments to Tale of Kain and my Patreon as a result, those announcemeets will come after the convention (and a brief recovery period).

Life Update

Tue Jun 5, 2018, 7:47 AM
I'm moving in a little less than 2 weeks. I found a room for rent in the area and I'm finally moving forward from my aunt's basement.

Art Trades (Open)

Wed Jan 31, 2018, 6:48 PM
These are a first-come-first-serve basis and I can reject an offer.

- Must be an equal trade sketch for a sketch, color for color, etc.
- Send me a note if interested. We will discuss specifics there.

Trades Available
- Sketch (2)
- Line Art (2)
- Full (1)

Commission Information by LizDoodlez

2018 Goals

Tue Dec 26, 2017, 7:19 AM
The New Year is upon us so I'm making a journal of goals I'd like to hit art wise (mostly) this next year.
  • Launch new comic by summer/fall
  • Fill my sketchbook by summer/more observational drawings
  • More digital paintings
  • Art trades/collabs

Playing Dream Daddy

Fri Jul 28, 2017, 6:20 PM
Come check it out

Emerald Skies questions

Tue Jul 25, 2017, 8:25 AM
A: A lot of people have been asking really good questions about what happened after the events of Emerald Skies, so I'm making this to put it all in one place. I'll add more as questions come up.

Q: If I remember correctly you mentioned there was a reason Volkner was so gloomy in pearl? What was that? Or did I just miss the page that explained it? Sorry if I did!
Volkner goes through a rough break up and suffers from mild depression (he takes meds for it usually).

What happened to the Aqua agents Gabby & Ty? Did Elon punish them for Silver?
A: They got arrested along with all the other Aqua and Magma members and went to jail. Elon never punished them personally.

Q: Did Deoxys do anything else after saving Elon, or was it a cameo?
A: Deoxys thanked Elon for saving it then went back to space (or just somewhere else).

Q: How would you explain Pallet leaving the team and returning after so much time?

A: Elon took him out of the PC to use him as a flash light through Victory Road.

Q: Was Brendan lucky with Elon?
A: They've remained friends, but never dated. Brendan got caught up in his university work and it became harder for them to stay in touch when Elon returned to Sinnoh.

Q: I'd like to know about Hades also, was he just the lorekeeper or did you really catch him? (because you said that he "joined" the team)
A: I really caught him. Since he's an Absol I thought it would be interesting to have him be a device to push the plot forward. I never actually used him so I made him a pacifist and a spiritual guide (like a shrine priest sort of thing).

Q: Who was Tsuna in-game? or was she a new character of yours?

A: Tsuna wasn't present in-game. Tsuna is the Swampert companion to a Pokemon Trainer OC I made back in middle school and I decided to stick her and her trainer in the comic for the fun of it. A lot of my old OC's have made cameos within Emerald Skies because I felt like it.

Q: (not story related) Are we going to see a steampunk Liam with the artificial leg in a picture?

A: Maybe.

Q: Victory Road - was Wally as in game (being self confident and determined) or would you change his attitude? 

A: I think I would have kept the self-confidence and determination, but just at a hint of salt for Elon being kind of a dick to him but a hint of admiration because she flew in on a dragon god to stop the apocalypse.

Q: How does Elon cope with losing the Hoenn champion title?

A: She doesn't really care since she lost to her cousin, Gryff. She took the opportunity to return to Sinnoh.

Q: And finally, did Elon decided to return home after their battle, or was something urgent and she couldn't do otherwise?

A: She returned to Sinnoh within a few weeks of losing her title. She moved to Sunyshore and started going to college.

Q: Ooo i got another how did broly or pallet confess that they liked each other?
A: After defeating the Elite 4 Pallet just rushed up to Broly and kissed him. Broly nearly died during the fight with Sydney and that’s what made Pallet realize that he didn’t want to lose Broly. Pallet was watching the fight from the league lobby with Hades since they weren’t technically on the team’s roster.

Q: How does Liam feel about being an uncle?
A: He felt weird at first to have like 11 kids look up to him, but he really enjoys it.

Don't know if i can still ask questions to them if so..I have 2 1.What was Pallets reaction to finding out silver died and the second one is 2.How is poseidon holding up raising triplets?
A: Pallet was heart broken since uh…Well he didn’t find out until Pele was taken out of the PC. He knew that Elon doesn’t replace anybody unless she has to so it was fairly clear when nobody was deposited. When he rejoined the team at Victory Road he gave his condolences and such. Poseidon is holding up rather well all things considered. The rest of the team helps him out when he needs it. Persephone has like 8 kids so 3 more is nothing. Liam is actually decent with kids.

Q: What were teams reaction to the triplets? I'm honestly super curious
A: Shock and panic mostly. Silver was the most calm, but she was also hella tired from laying the eggs.

What are persphones kids personalities? like how do they act
Litter 1

Silver (docile, sturdy body)

The most princessly of her siblings. Takes being the oldest very seriously, but Persephone doesn’t burden her with extra responsibility.

Marceline (naive, very finicky)

Kind of a ditz at times. She zones out a lot, especially when she’s bored.

Litter 2

Ruby (serious, takes plenty of siestas)

Very serious about her naps

Emma (naughty, strong willed)

The lead trouble maker of the pups. Often gets Eli and Hachi involved with her shenanigans.

Phoebe (hasty, hates to lose)

First one to pick a fight. She’s very competitive.

Sophie (mild, strong willed)

Very chill and very stubborn

Litter 3

Eli (naughty, highly curious)

Gets into trouble whether it’s by running with Emma or just his curiosity getting the best of him. He and Hachi hate being apart and take refuge in each other being the only boys in their immediate family.

Hachi (gentle, highly curious)

Hachi is the youngest and either clings to his twin, Eli, or to his parents. He likes to snuggle.

Q: Why did Liam over train after silver died? I'm curious on why
He’s horrible at handling/processing his own emotions so he just distracted himself by training

Q: How was Liam?? Ahhh and I want to give him a hug so bad
A: Liam has adjusted well to having a robo-leg, he thinks it’s really cool (so do all of his nieces and nephews). Volkner likes to upgrade and tinker with his leg, leading to Liam hanging out at the Sunyshore gym a lot. Which may or may not have caused his tiny crush on Hoshiko (Volkner’s Luxray). He trains with Volkner’s team quite often to stay in shape since most of the team has pretty much retired from battling.

Anons on Tumblr

Q: What was Poseidon's reaction to silvers ghost and what was she there to say to him?
Shock mostly. Silver was mostly there to say her final goodbyes. Poseidon kept apologizing for what happened and she just told him it wasn’t his fault. They share one last hug and kiss before Silver moves on.

Q: I have some questions 1. Did silver dying plus emotional issues cause persphones break down? 2. Is Poseidon still not over silvers death? *I don't blame him tbh* And 3. Can pokemon in the Emerald skies universe come back as ghost pokemon?
A: 1. Yes. Losing Silver was like losing a sister for Persephone so she took it really hard. Some of the other team members started to lean on her for emotional support, but she couldn’t handle them as well as her own.

2. Poseidon feels quite a bit of guilt about how Silver died. He knows that he could have taken the hit without consequence (since it was a Thunderbolt that did it). Also it wasn’t a pretty or graceful death, so that just clings to his mind. He has thought about moving on, but he’s more devoted to his kids than anything.

3. Pokemon or people becoming ghosts in the Emerald Skies universe is incredibly rare. A being has to have some sort of grudge or a strong urge to stay on that plane of existance. it’s sort of how ghosts work in Harry Potter.

Q: What are Sakura,Percy and Greyson's thoughts on their mother? I mean even though they never met her what do they think of her from the stories.
They think she’s really cool. Greyson resembles her the most with his demeanor, which Poseidon frequently comments on. Sakura strives to be a strong fighter like Silver, she watches a lot of the old videos of her gym battles a lot. Percy low key wishes she didn’t die because he can see how sad Poseidon can get when the others talk about her.

Q: So wait.. Does Poseidon have a picture of silver or even the pokedoll he gave silver still? So that he can show his kids something of hers
There’s a few pictures of the team that Elon has on display. There’s also a memorial shrine in her apartment of nearly all the Pokemon she has lost. Poseidon does have the Cherrim plush still. He really doesn’t let the kids play with it, though.

Q: Holy moly Persephone had 8 kids? That Mightyena/woman has a uterus of steel!
A: Persephone is the oldest of 11 so she’s always wanted a big family. She didn’t have them all at once, they were split up between 3 litters.

Q: Do Broly and Pallet adopt a kid?
A: Maybe. Never really decided. I mean they’re uncles to like 11 kids.

Tagged: 13 facts

Mon May 1, 2017, 8:32 AM
Tagged by :iconpawsomenss:

13 things about me!!
   1. I had a long hiatus from anime up until about 2 years ago. Current favorites are Food Wars! and Yuri!!! On Ice.
  2. Besides Pokemon, my favorite video games are Dragon Age, Diablo 2 and Skyrim
  3. My first video game was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis.
  4. I'm a dork for musicals
  5. I recently nearly made Wil Wheaton cry at C2E2 with some fan art that I drew for him.
  6. I met Veronica Taylor at C2E2 as well.
  7. I'm a nervous person when meeting celebrities so I don't stick around to chat since I will trip over my own tongue. Also I don't want to hold up the line.
8. I've been working with Copics a lot more. Trying to do at least one piece a week using them.
  9. Currently working on a new comic project that I hope to launch within the next year or so.
  10. I prefer writing character driven narratives rather than something with an epic plot.
  11. I really like sweets, but have little self control so I keep them out of the house when I can help it.
  12. Most of the fictional names I come up with are from name generators. I literally have pages of names that I like in a note book.
  13. I have a habit of giving my female leads fairly masculine names.

Questions from :iconpawsomenss:

1. What's your relationship status?
Single by choice. \o/

2. Last book you read?
Currently reading Sworn in Steel: A Tale of the Kin by Douglas Hulick

3. Favorite song/types of music?
Currently on a Hamilton and Beauty and the Beast kick. Evermore breaks my heart.

4. What's something you shouldn't say at a funeral~?
Puns are probably off limits...? I usually stay quiet during funerals.

5. How about the thing you are most passionate about?
My new project and Critical Role.

6. Favorite video game? (if it's too hard: favorite genre of game?)
Currently: Dragon Age: Origins
Overall: Diablo 2

7. Do you prefer the heat or the cold?
Cold. I can layer up and snuggle by the fire.

8. Worst movie you've seen? How about the best?
Worst: Eragon.
Best: TBD

9. Favorite youtube channel?
Currently: Geek and Sundry

10. Are you a morning person or a night owl? (I bet you're all night owls--)
I lean more toward Night Owl, but my brain and hand can't communicate after a certain point. So not a lot of staying up until 3am drawing for me.

11. What do you want to do when you grow up? (If you're grown up/out of school: what do you do?)
I want to be a comic artists/writer. I love drawing and telling stories.

12. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
Spend the entire day naked probably.

13. What motivates you?
Wanting to be better.
And money. >_>;

Questions from :iconlady-kyndle:

1) What is your favorite musical (can be Broadway, movie, whatever... even Disney counts half the time)?
That's a tough one... Probably Aladdin or Wicked?? I haven't seen a lot of musicals, just listen to soundtracks. 

2) If you could bring one famous historical figure from the past to the present, who would it be and why?
Van Gogh. I'd like to help him get treatment so he can produce more artwork unhindered by mental illness.

3) Pirates or ninjas?

4) Sweet or salty?

5) Crunchy or slimy?
Crunchy. I hate slimy. Though it's not as bad as sticky.

6) If you could rid the world of one meme, which one would you eradicate?
I dunno Pepe the Frog?

7) What's your favorite ship (in anything--a nuzlocke, a show, a movie, etc.)?
Victor and Yuuri from Yuri!!! On Ice, they have such a healthy, wholesome relationship that's actually cannon. Ilovethemsomuch. #relationshipgoalsaf

8) If you could be reborn as a part of any culture/group of people in the current/modern world, what culture would you join?
I have no idea.

9) Where do you think the next Pokemon game region should be based on?

10) Would you rather explore outer space or the deep ocean?

11) What's your LEAST favorite genre?
Cash grab action

12) Would you rather be the protagonist of a generic anime, or a side/background character in a DC/MARVEL universe?
Depends on the anime, but both sounds pretty cool.

13) Who is your favorite president/king/queen/historical person of power?
Queen Victoria is pretty badass but so is Queen Elizabeth I.

Coming to a close

Fri Apr 7, 2017, 7:14 PM
This journal is difficult for me to write. As of the next page of Emerald Skies, the comic will be discontinued. A lot of thought and time as been put into this decision I have come to. I've been struggling to keep my motivation for the project for a while now and after 6 years I have come to the decision to move on to a different project. As much as I would love to give Emerald Skies a proper conclusion, I cannot bring myself to continue the project for another 3+ years with the rate I've been going let alone adding another project on top of that.

I plan on doing summaries that include illustrations of major events and characters that would have made an appearance just so you guys know how the story ends and what happens to everybody. You all deserve that much at the very least.

Thank you so much for your support.

Outfit Contest WINNERS

Wed Feb 8, 2017, 7:47 AM
New canvas by LizDoodlez

First off, I want to thank everybody for their participation whether it was submitting an entry or voting in the polls.

Now for the winners!

First place

Elon Outfit Contest Entry by Krisantyne by :iconkrisantyne:


- 1in pins of the main cast
- Your choice of a sketchbook (spiral bound or normal) with a personalized drawing on the inside cover.

Second place

Elon Outfit Contest 2.0 Something Something Entry by TheICombaticon by :icontheicombaticon:


- 1in pin of keystone, megastone and a Emerald Skies character of your choice
- Trainer + Pokemon drawing

Third Place

Elons Contest Outfit by TheArmyArtistby :iconthearmyartist:


- 1in pin of keystone and mega stone of your choice
- Trainer + Pokemon chibi drawing

I also want to thank :iconfeymark: and :iconthemawilemaster: for their entries.

For those who have won, I will be contacting you shortly about your prizes.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes~

Fri Dec 2, 2016, 8:48 AM
I turned 25 this year. Which is not a big deal but kind of is at the same time. :'D
I worked the first part of the day yesterday and spent the evening with my sister. I'm having a small party tonight.
Thanks for the gift art and the well wishes.


Fri Nov 11, 2016, 6:24 AM
I recently came into a bit of money (thanks to my late grandmother) and I'm now seriously considering buying my first set of copics. Thing is that I don't want to spend a whole lot of money still. So my question is: Does anybody know of a website outside of Amazon, Ebay, and Blick's where I can find sets for a decent price?


Sat Oct 29, 2016, 12:12 PM

Click here

Mic: ON

The Rules
  1. No Role Playing in the chat
  2. Most importantly: Don't be a dick.
  3. Do not speak of the spoilers outside of the stream. If I find out you are doing this, I will ban you for a time.

Trying something new

Tue Oct 11, 2016, 3:02 PM

So I’ve decided along with revamping my Patreon, that I’m going to try something new with Emerald Skies.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks/months getting a bunch of pages finished so that come the new year the comic can have some sort of steady update schedule (something I’ve been aiming for for a while and somewhat managed while working part-time). My goal is once a week. I would like to do more, but I don’t want to overwork myself since school will be starting for me within the next few months.

Patreon Thoughts

Sun Oct 9, 2016, 7:56 AM

I’ve been thinking about changing up how my patreon works.

2 major changes I have in mind

1) Changing from a per page payment set up to being a monthly subscription. I initially did it per page to encourage me to get more pages done, but I’ve found myself focusing solely on the comic and have been stagnating. Plus it’ll help me budget a bit better.

2) Related to the whole stagnating thing, I’d be opening up Patreon to supporting my artistic endeavors as a whole. This will allow me to devote time to other projects outside of Emerald Skies, like building up an inventory for possible future artist alleys and such.

8 facts about Norman

Wed Oct 5, 2016, 2:26 PM
I was tagged by :iconchineseviking:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post Their names along with their creators.


1) Norman is native to Johto. He was born and raised in Goldenrod.

2) He served in the Johto Armed Forced (army)
He enlisted when he was 18 and was given Reinhardt as a Slakoth. He pissed off his CO a bit so yeah.

3) After leaving the army, Norman found work at the Goldenrod gym as a security guard.
This is where he met his wife, Nina, as she was training there as a resident nurse. He also would train with Whitney. She's the one who recommended him for the Petalburg gym.

4) The Petalburg gym has only been open for about a year. Norman designed it himself, bringing his Johto roots to the Hoenn region.
His family has been in Hoenn for about 3 years at this point.

5) He visits Nina in Littleroot every other weekend or when he can manage to get away from the gym. They skype every night.
Nina also comes to visit regularly, usually to cook him a huge meal.

6) Norman has a small house on the gym grounds.
It's a one bedroom where the living space doubles as the guest room. Just the basics since running the gym takes up a lot of his time.

7) Norman is a master of MMA. He's the one who encouraged Elon to take it up.
They can pretty much go toe to toe with each other. Elon would probably win since she's faster.

8) Norman runs his gym like clockwork.
Mornings are for general exercise. He takes on a maximum of 4 challengers before lunch then 3 more afterwards. The rest of the afternoon is spent with the gym trainers. Then he goes home for dinner, does paper work, and has his down time.


Mon Sep 26, 2016, 2:57 PM
Tagged by :icontriragesiser:. so here are the rules, a little about me, my questions/answers, questions for you. :happybounce: 

-You have to post these rules.
-Each person has to share 13 things about them.
-Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
-Tag 13 people, if you can/want to. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
-You can't say what you don't do.

Things about me:
1. I'm 5ft 7 in tall (which is fairly tall compared to most of my peers, but it's actually the national average)

2. Been drawing for as long as I can remember. Made the somewhat conscious decision to pick manga/anime as my art style about 13 years ago.

3. I used to have a huge crush on Aladdin.

4. Favorite Disney princesses are Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana

5. I didn't get my first Pokemon game until I was 12. They were Ruby and Crystal version. I got them at the same time, but played Ruby first.

6. I work 2 part time jobs currently on top of keeping up with Emerald Skies (IDK how I do it) 

7. I'm a huge nerd for natural history.

8. Music tastes are all over the place. Don't care for rap or heavy metal though.

9. When I first started college I wanted to do animation, but quickly learned that I don't have the patience for it. I've then since switched to illustration.

10. My early art on this site was all based on RP forum shenanigans and OC's I had with :iconkikiyushima: and a few others. They occasionally pop up in Emerald Skies in the background.

11. Favorite anime right now is Food Wars. Of all time....It's probably Pokemon (the one that started it all)

12. Captain America is one of my favorite fictional characters.

13. I love musicals. Wizard of Oz started it.

Questions for me.
1. Do you think you are a good artist?
Of course. I'm only going to get better too.

2. Do you think your art has improved over the years?

3. If you can meet any celebrity in the world, who would you meet?
Christ Evans and his dog Dodger. They are cutie pies.

4. Do you write fanfictions based on your favorite characters/animes?
Nope not really. Though I guess Emerald Skies could be considered a fancomic/fanfic of some sort.

5. If you can be any character in any show, comic, or movie, which one would you be?
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. 

6. What makes you want to be that character?
Those powers yo + robot boyfriend

7. What is your favorite vacation spot?
Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin. I love hiking and it's close to the town I lived in for a bit when I was a kid as well as the Dells.

8. Do you create your own characters?
All the time. :D

9. What is your idea of a perfect pet?

10. Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer?

11. What is your favorite mythology?
Most of them. They're all great so it's hard to pick.

12. What is your favorite mythology person?
Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

13. if you could live anywhere, where would you live?
IDK probably Wisconsin. Or Canada. Maybe Ireland??? I kinda just go wherever.