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Fsdump by LizDoodlez Fsdump by LizDoodlez
Read Fragmented Snow here.

1) Doodled Yurio and Clara doing touristy shit in Moscow during some downtime from the Rostelecom Cup.

2) Yurio likes being the little spoon. Also he has 3 cats. The bed gets crowded most nights.

3) Yuuri with the twins he and Victor adopted/will adopt within Fragmented Snow's timeline. Their names are Sakura and Yuki. Victor gets +20 charisma with a baby in a sling.

4) Victor and Yuuri make a hug sandwich with Clara after her Skate America Short Program.

5) This information about Yurio’s mom made me want to draw her. Since Yurio was born in 2000 I figured that his mom (who I’m going to call Evgeniya until there’s an official name for her) was really popular in the 80′s into the 90′s. I also thought that Yurio would emulate his mother’s costumes. My headcanon is that the one I drew for her was the last one she wore for her final Free Program before retiring so Yurio paid homage to her with his Senior debut Free Program. After retiring from skating, I figure that she took up multiple jobs to support Yurio and that’s why she couldn’t show up at his competitions while he was growing up. She has a very strong and stubborn personality, which is where Yurio gets it. He has his father’s eyes though.

Clara has returned home to Saint Petersburg from a competition and is struggling with jet lag. But a fresh cup of coffee and smooches from Yurio make things easier. Fun Fact: About 75% of Yurio’s mugs are cat related. He has maybe one matching set.

7) Just a cute moment between Clara and Yurio. Mostly a lighting/color experiment.

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