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Dragon painting by LizDoodlez Dragon painting by LizDoodlez
I finally finished it. I've learned a bit more about how to use Paint Tool Sai by doing this so yay. :D
This has some great value to it, well done!

A few things about your scenery: I love the mountains/slopes in the background, the shading is very nice and it softens well with the moonlight. But I think the foreground needed maybe a little more time. It looks much more rough than the rest of the painting, almost like it had been forgotten.

Your dragon is nice, I particularly like the smug look on his face. But the lack of shading underneath him throws me off a bit. Something to think about next time!

All in all, great job! I don't comment often, but I hope my opinion helps!
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This is my first critique, so sorry if I don't know any of the lingo.

I've always loved the way you gave your characters expressions, and this picture is no exception. This dragon seems smug, cocky, and confident, as if he's protecting a mass of gold rather than just sitting on a rocky ledge. The posing, with the erect head and the raised chin, helps with this a lot; he seems almost human with his body position.

I think one thing you're going to want to keep in mind for the future is shading and how it sort of works with the environment. In this picture, the only known light source is the moon behind the dragon. Therefore, his entire face, wing, tail, and right side (or our left) should be in shadow. This should also be reflected in the rock; there should be a shadow going from the bottom of the dragon down the rock he is lying on, not behind him. The rocks should also be a bit darker except for the edges closest to the moon. If you give the moon more light and add these shadows, the picture will seem a bit more realistic rather than cartoon-ish or fantastic.

Also, the dragon's shading resembles a salamander more than an actual dragon. Dragons are mostly thought of as winged lizards; they were even faked in the middle ages when people attached bat wings to lizards and sold them as dragon babies. The shading of the dragon could be a bit more dappled, and if there are some patches of reflected light, that could contribute as well. If this is a fire-breathing dragon, some smoke out of the nose or mouth could be a bit welcome just to break up the browns and reds of the picture.

Finally, I think making the horns/wing tips/teeth/claws/eyes more rounded would help make this perfect. Right now, the wings look more like they've got painted tips when I think the idea is to have bone jutting out of skin. Maybe you could put some extra muscle around the tips almost the way you did the claws? Just something to think about. Giving all of the white structures a bit more shading/lighting could give the illusion of a rounded thing because, personally, I think the teeth look almost painted on rather than like teeth.

One last thing: the moon's craters seem extremely dark to me. Maybe you could mellow them out a bit? The moon doesn't look that defined, at least from my vantage point on earth.

Overall, I really love this! You're an amazing artist, and I look forward to your next "major" painting!
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.

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April 6, 2014
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