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I have a kinda bad financial situation, however I need to buy tickets home. I would really appreciate if you request commissions/ychs from me. I work really fast. So, I really hope to get your attention, dear watchers :c 
Any help, even if you tell your friends about this, is much appreciated!
Take a moment to see new info  Commission pricelist (NEW) by lizathehedgehog

Also, there are fresh and cheap YCHs! Here… and here…
and some sexy ych here…

So, I’m looking for someone on FA or here on DA who accepts NSFW commissions for convenient or low prices. I can buy ~20-30$ for the whole picture+ ~10-30$ per character.
What I want: 5 characters(males, humans) in one picture, half body(detailed), low detailed back ground(just sheets on the bed). 
If you know anyone, please, share the link in the comments, I’d be very grateful to you!
As noone asks me for commissions, I can’t afford myself too expensive commissions from other artists.

I just don’t know where to look, so I’m asking for help :(… check out my furaffinity gallery!
I open commissions here and on FA. Not sure though if anyone would be ever interested but..At least I should give it a try.
Commission pricelist by lizathehedgehog
A free picture of your character if you send me a screenshot 50 000 views on my page!
If you are interested, don`t forget to write me a note for details.

I went back to my deviations which were uploaded a few years ago and I was..shocked. How shitty, how awful they are. I mean, really. And the worst thing - how I commented them in the description. I was an idiot. Some of the pics will be left as the prove of my progress through years. But some will be deleted. I`m no longer a little yaoi fangirl and I became kinda serious about things I draw. I realise that I drew shit back at the beggining of my deviantart membership. And now I have to proceed further. There are some things I have to learn and sometimes getting rid of your past gives you a push for the progress. 
Thanks for listening everyone, who stayed with me through these years.
Your humble servant, :iconlizathehedgehog:
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Just asking, maybe there are people who would like to have a picture? If yes, I could make a pricelist. If not, than ther`s no sense, as you see. I wanna know your opinion, please.
I won`t be able to write this on midnight, so I`m gonna do it right now. So, guys, I hope you had a nice year, every challenge you overcame by yourself and got some wisdom from it. Don`t be afraid of completing your dreams in the next year!And don`t feel sad that 2015 is almost finished!We should live with future, not the past!I hope you are having a nice party tonight, gathering with your family and friends, just hanging out. Happy New Year everyone!
I don`t remember the last time I made journal entry..Lol. 
Okay, so this time I`m gonna talk about my art-status, `cos some of the people who write to me, just do see it in my profile, that`s kinda sad.
I`M NOT TAKING REQUESTS. Why? Because It`s a waste of my own time for NOTHING. It`s like a gift to a random person who may not even thank you for it later. Most of the artists don`t do requests because of this reasons. When you progress in drawing, people want to get free pictures from you. It`s not bad, but they just don`t understand how much time and strength it takes. To me, for example it can take 9-10 hours per day. I had a few times when I took requests and a person who asked for it, never appreciated it or even commented that he\she saw it. So, basically it was worthless.
BUT I MAY TAKE ART TRADES. Because it`s a deal. Picture for picture. Everyone`s happy.
I MAY TAKE COLLABS. Working with someone might be a good experience to show my skill.
I MAY TAKE COMMISSIONS. For points I may do any shitty ideas you`ve got. Like ANY IDEAS.
This words may sound a bit selfish or rude, but this is how it works. I don`t have any choice, I don`t want people to use me.
Well, as always, you catch it, show me the screenshot and I draw a free picture for you!
Hey, fellas!Anyone`s living in this wonderful city?Would be awesome to meet some of you!Please, write me a note if you would like to meet.:iconveryexcitedplz:
Just a quick post. Thanks to all of my watchers, who were with me for all these years and many thanks to newcomers!I`ll try to make some more art next year, do whatever I can to improve myself and finish all the pictures I wanted to draw long time ago. You inspire me a lot!
Love you all :heart:
You humble servant, :iconlizathehedgehog:
Well, noone cares anyway. Just saying -3-
I see, noone cares, but anyway, if anyone catches 30 000 views I will draw 3 PICTURES FOR YOU.
Nobody caught for 28 000 :c But at least I hope this time, my dear watchers you`ll do it.
As always, be attentive, try to catch. GO
FUCK YEAH!Finally this nightmare is over and I can sleep for a long time!YESH. Now I can finally draw!