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    Once the perception of the traveller isn’t of this world anymore, he becomes the key himself – so he can pass through that nightmarish plane of existence between the worlds, constructed by remains of surrounding realities and dominant fragments of long-gone aeons where consciousness of The Abyss is truly born. After spending enough of earthly time in that area of meta-cosmic swamp lands, Call from The Deep follows. Sometimes traveller recognizes this domain of The Outer Gods that is the birthplace of various entities, including “grey ones” and strange flying supporters of The Goddess’ Throne as the place of his origins as well; recognizes himself as the child of The Abyss and the strong bond of fascination is established. Very few are able to break this link, but mostly they don’t want to; since their human existence did its best to draw them away in the first place.

Departure from everything that makes man a man follows, descend to the very Void that obliterates all impurity of human nature, all meaningless passion and pride. Professor Kenneth Davies Carter had learnt this. In the system without value, constantly oppressed by the unqualified leadership, he is the true child of The Abyss, agent of Nothingness, man on the mission, one who understands...

    After killing the student in self-defence, he had to run, hide and wait, with a big help from his friends Ian Worman and William Henrich. Rumour was he faked his own death, but not much is known about it.

    While looking for tranquility of The Abyss, he’s ventured into the forgotten corners of the world populated by fanatics, madmen and murderers, keepers of the horrible secret. Initiated in the Underworld, he obtained Key of The Abyss and realised his true purpose – to bring salvation to the world, to summon one and only true Goddess, and to destroy those who oppose Her.



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