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Epic Pokemon Generation 1 Cross Stitch Complete

By lizardlea
Pattern (which I did NOT create!): [link]
Daily Progress: [link]
Progression video: [link]
Fan page: [link]

This took 130 days with 914 hours of work. (Okay, way less hours than that because I was constantly stopping but that's what got written down.) This means it took me less than one day to do a single Pokemon - I averaged about 6 hours per Pokemon.

Want to commission me? Send me a note and we can discuss! (No, I will not do something this big, it's insane!)
Here's my Etsy shop: [link]

June 27 Edit:

Holy. Crap. You guuuuuys! I got a DD! Thank you so much, it means a lot! I will reply to every comment that I can and thank you all in advance for the favorites! <3

If you like the original Pokemon music and this cross-stitch, you should find some enjoyment out of me in this:
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Alecia77's avatar
Hi there. After watching you on youtube doing this stitch I had to try it myself. I was wondering if you changed the colors of mew? If you did what colors did you use? The ones the pattern say to use are too brown.
What size of aida cloth did you use and where can you find it. I've been looking all over for it.
100 hours of minecraft building here i come! amazing work!! 
Devi-Tiger's avatar
kae01301's avatar
Do u have the chart for this?
WingedWolfLover55's avatar
in cross stitching y do u have to stretch the fabic before u start using it?
saber4734's avatar
You stretch the fabric constantly while stitching it because you want to keep the fabric tight so that your stitching is tight. Using a hoop helps this but keeping it tight in the hoop requires stretching also. I hope that makes sense. 
saber4734's avatar
If I can help you with anything else please feel free to message me.
WingedWolfLover55's avatar
thx u, i figured that's why you had to do it. 

thxs for the offer of help. I'm doing ok for now, I admit i havent been working on it that much right now but I dont plan to stop. Its a neat thing to do.
saber4734's avatar
Feel free to check out my gallery if you want to see some of my work.
WingedWolfLover55's avatar
dang, now i want to make it myself and i already have most the stuff for it now...
This is going to drive me crazy.
kryptofreak13's avatar
So I really want to do this but I'm having trouble finding fabric big enough.  Where did you buy yours?
saber4734's avatar
Michaels or Hobby Lobby sells rolls of aida. I suggest 14 count.
zil1liz's avatar
This is literally the most amazing thing I have seen in my entire life! :O
zil1liz's avatar
Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is literally the most amazing thing I've seen in my life O.O
Popgal120's avatar
Oh my gosh, I need to do this. So cool :D
This is super well-done! Congrats on finishing!
mininete's avatar
im working on this, just in perler beads.. and it is indeed insane :D…
PuritanDuchess's avatar
This is awesome! ^0^
I've seen all the patterns on spritestitch myself and I have been tempted to try them but I can't figure out what size Aida I should use, I know it's in inches on the page but what is the size in centimeters? =/

Other then that, great work! It's quite a detailed piece! <3
BittersweetWaltz's avatar
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