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Adrien Brody is Severus Snape

So yeah, I have a huge thing for Adrien Brody. GUH OMG YES. And he totally reminds me of Snape as a school boy, so naturally I had to draw this. :P The photo I used as a reference can be found at Adrien-Brody.Com.
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Catherine-PL's avatar
Hey! For me he's perfect for the role too!
This nose and he's skinny...perfect :)
Cara2003's avatar
Wonderful work!
Mafer-Potter's avatar
Man! How SEXEE!!
XenaAshe's avatar
Thank you! If there's ever an American Harry Potter, I want him to play Snape.
seasonscall's avatar
This picture is a dream come true! Great job. I just love it. I could look at it forever. :heart:
suzannescotgirl's avatar
This is wonderful and totally sexy! Thank you for creating it!
ReddyArts's avatar
Mmmmmm... :heart: So pretty....
crayonmaster's avatar
Also! Alan Rickman is too old to play Snape's character! Adrien is closer in age.
crayonmaster's avatar
OMG I never made that connection but now that you mention it Adrien Brody definitely looks like Severus...Alan Rickman has an awesome voice for Snape but he doesn't look like what I picture when I read the books.

Adrien Brody is also hot :)
transparent-soul's avatar
Wow, I can definitely see the resemblance too. But I still like Alan Rickman because his voice is just perfect for the role.
ScarletQuill's avatar that you've drawn it - I can totally see it! Win!!!
SodomiaVega's avatar
You just... read.. my... goddamn mind! Whenever I read any of the books, and Severus' name shows up, I instantly think of Adrien Brody.

And this pic is made of WIN.
ShadowReaper12's avatar
omg! Adrien Brody does have his own unique charm:love: If he did appear as Snape, dear lord I would watch that movie:XD:
Firewhisky-Black's avatar
OMGosh!! That's actually perfect! I love Adrien Brody!!
SuAnke's avatar
haha yeah he would be probably a good choice too, but alan is the best :XD:
voldemortsapprentice's avatar
Adrien Brody should have been snape. He is perfect for him. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks so. I've been saying it for years. and yes...Adrien is so so hot.
SWeeT-LoST-SouL's avatar
I totally agree; Adrien Brody would be perfect as Severus Snape :D Great image, I love the details :p
murky-pasta's avatar
Oh. My. Gawd. :faint:
I love both of them! *fangirl scream about his nose*
He really, REALLY should play him. REALLY,
really should play young Severus. (hot pornoboy! *slaps*)
*fangirl scream about him*
:+favlove:, just because of an idea <333

Acas1220's avatar
hahaha YES! I thought I was the only one! If Adrien Brody showed up on my doorstep dressed as Snape my life would be complete! Very good likeness!
CeruruAI's avatar
not bad girl its decent.
BiPolarBettie's avatar
Adrien as Severus??!?!
*User just died from overdose of awesome*
murky-pasta's avatar
seconded! *dies*
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