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I've written a few Star Trek / Steven Universe crossover fanfics recently. I won't go into too much detail here - otherwise I'd have to keep updating this journal post when I add something - but you can see it all at my AO3 page:

I posted a new release of CrosspostSharp again! It's a Windows app for cross-posting your own art posts from one site to another (allowing you to adjust the description text and other settings on a per-site basis.)

This version adds Mastodon support and makes a couple things nicer.…

In case you're curious, it's a WinForms app written in a mix of C# and F#, and it has some libraries you could reuse if you want to write your own .NET stuff.
I just finished a ~9000 word story that I'd like to post. But what's the best place to post it to?

Where ever it goes I'll be sure to post a link to it here.
If you had a shapeshifting curse, and you had to choose between everyone knowing about it and not being able to tell anyone, which one would you choose?

I don't think I could live with having to keep it a secret.
Assuming that they were both magic and British, of course!

Jeremy - Hufflepuff
Gar - Hufflepuff

Maybe it depends what matters more - what qualities you exhibit, or what qualities you value. Gar and Jeremy are both incredibly intelligent and creative. But I think both of them would place a high value on friendship, precisely because it's so hard for either of them to obtain.

Ashley - Slytherin

Everything Ashley does, she does with her public persona in mind. Her every move is calculated. She's more comfortable trying to influence someone into doing good than fighting them so they don't do evil.

Skylar - Ravenclaw

Skylar is clever and knowledgeable, but they tend to see other people in the worst possible light. If there's one house whose members don't necessarily get along with each other, it would be Ravenclaw, right?

Sheleth - Gryffindor

I guess she's basically Neville.

M'Sam - Ravenclaw

You might not guess from his lighthearted attitude, but M'Sam is very ambitious in his scientific pursuits.

Ashley - Slytherin

See above.

Deb - Hufflepuff

She's been a Starfleet counselor for a long time. (For a point of reference - she's about the same age right now as Deanna Troi, and she was probably in Starfleet back then too.)


Sabina - Gryffindor

Although maybe she'd try to get into Uagadou instead. She does like being able to turn into her animal form...

Elvory - Slytherin

A good fit for the qualities of a Jedi Knight, although knowing Elvory he might drop out halfway through.

Pyrite - Ravenclaw

Good technical ability, but she's a bit isolated from others.

Brady - N/A

No way is he going to a magic school again. It would just exacerbate his snail problem.

Let me see if I can summarize them.
If any of you all have your own superhero characters I'd love to see them!

Jeremy by lizard-socks

Jeremy Amundson / Bugfriend
Eau Claire, WI*
He/him | Male (cisgender) | Asexual | Human
Powers: Enhanced jumping, climbing, and defense from a magical armored suit

When he was 13, Jeremy came up with a cute bug character he called Gar. A few years later, he learned that Gar was real - an alien symbiote who had been living inside his mind.

Jeremy is asexual and has Asperger's (he thinks that "ace" and "Aspie" are too cutesy so he doesn't use them for himself.) The only people he's close to are his parents and Gar. He doesn't really have any friends besides her - just acquaintances.

Building the suit involved magic, physics, chemistry, and a lot of trips to the hardware store. Gar taught Jeremy the basics, but now he's a pro (literally - he gets paid by the government to build these suits and study their powers.)


Ashley Rathipal / Metalen Meisje
She/her | Female (transgender) | Bisexual | Human
Powers: force fields, in many shapes and sizes

Although she occasionally operates as an actual superhero, Ashley is more famous for participating in scripted superhero fights on TV. She believes that she can make more of a difference as an influential celebrity than she can by fighting bad guys.

Ashley is a gifted athlete (she was a high jumper in her teens) and a professional through and through.

Gar Nessellar
North Wind City, Iroshar IV
She/her | Female** | Asexual | Zhr
Powers: symbiosis

Gar's species, the zhrs (they get offended if you capitalize it as a proper noun), are small buglike aliens from the planet Iroshar IV. They enter the minds of larger animals or people and share control of the body. The ultimate goal of a symbiotic relationship is for the two individuals to become so close that they start to identify as a single person. This has never happened for Gar - even with Jeremy - and it makes her feel inferior to everyone else.

Gar won't take control of Jeremy's body unless he lets her, but she often appears to him as a sort of illusion or mirage.

Axyridis 2018-07 by lizard-socks

Skylar Martinez / Axyridis
La Jolla, CA
They/them | Agender | ??? | Joined human+zhr pair
Powers: same as Jeremy + ability to shapeshift into a flying giant bug***

Skylar and their symbiote (Tur Ratellar) joined in college and very quickly became a single individual. They had both felt rejected by people around them; Tur for openly expressing negative emotion back on Iroshar IV, and Skylar for her discomfort with the wider LGBT movement (particularily its celebration of love, something Skylar has never really known.)

Skylar self-identifies as a villain, although their criminal behavior is limited to theft of large, expensive (and insured) items from wealthy peoples' homes.

Skylar has the same powers as Jeremy, but is a much better fighter. Many of the superheroes in Tampa (where Skylar lives today) see them as a potential ally should Earth face a serious threat.

*Jeremy was born in Chengdu, but was adopted at a very young age and raised in Wisconsin
**In human terms - zhrs are a sexless species and have their own gender system based on emotional range
***Jeremy could shapeshift into a bug too (using Gar's magic), but he doesn't want to because it creeps him out

My snail obsession is spiraling out of control ;) and I'm open to suggestions for quick sketches this weekend.

Salincomorph by lizard-socks   Brady and Rajani by lizard-socks

EDIT: Requests are closed now - gotta get back to work - but I might open them again later. We'll see.
I wrote up character profiles for Jeremy and Ashley here:

I'll probably add a few more later.
I made a web app called FollowSort. You can sign in with your Twitter, Tumblr and/or DeviantArt accounts, and then it will let you follow people on those sites. You can also follow people on FurAffinity or Weasyl.

I wanted a way to follow Tumblr users but with a UI like you see on DeviantArt (thumbnails, ability to clear posts you've seen) and with the ability to turn off reblogs from certain users.

I put it online at Feel free to use it. I might take it down at some point if it doesn't get used very much, but we'll see.
I've started posting profiles of all my characters to DeviantArt at:…
So if you've looked at my gallery you've probably seen a bunch of Star Trek related drawings about these people.

USS Paramaribo crew photo by lizard-socks

It's called "Night Shift", but it's not really just about the night shift - Sheleth is the CO, and Toson basically hangs out on the bridge whenever he's awake.

This group combines a couple of things I'd like to see in a Star Trek show:
  • An animated, all-ages show. In the same way that Discovery is bringing a modern, fully serialized storytelling style to Star Trek, a cartoon could be influenced by the storytelling and attention to detail in shows from the 2010s like Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.
  • A shorter format (probably 22 minutes, maybe even 11), which lets you tell stories that might not have enough meat on them to fill a full hour.
  • A majority alien cast. In animation, there's no makeup needed, and you can bring in characters who aren't even human-shaped.
  • A plot device to explain why characters keep coming and going (the Paramaribo is a Nairobi-class transport vessel and it sure makes a lot of stops on Earth).
  • Lizards.

This show isn't really about Earth or the Federation. I think it's better to stay vague about what humans are like in the 24th century (besides, we've already got TNG and DS9), and explore different possibilities for the future through the aliens instead. The different alien races seen on the crew, both the ones I came up with and the ones I stole from an old RPG factbook, represent different views on humanity - the Iroshans, who maintain capitalism out of their distrust for each other but can form incredibly intimate relationships with their symbionts; the Kasheeta, who live on an environmentally decimated planet and whose recent Federation membership is running up against old societal structures; the Caitians, who form tight-knit relationship networks and appreciate art and beauty; and the Ephuar, who are the only society in their remote sector of the Gamma Quadrant.

My crew only has two full, 100% humans in it, and they both have traits that I wanted to represent in a very literal way: Ashley is transgender, and Moji is a devout Christian. A bunch of the other characters are either part human (Kelper and Deb), look and act human (Mark and the Iroshans), or were raised by humans (Jeremy).

By the way, this would be set after DS9 and Voyager. You lose out on potential villains (the Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan homeworlds have all been decimated by this point in time), but this particular show wouldn't have a whole lot of fighting in it, and I'd want to be able to include the Ferengi when it makes sense.

(Also, I really do like holodeck episodes.)

CrosspostSharp 3 screenshot 1 by lizard-socks CrosspostSharp 3 screenshot 2 by lizard-socks

I made a new version of CrosspostSharp, my Windows art crossposting app.

It can load/save pictures from files (PNG, JPEG, GIF, or its own format) or load them from websites that you're logged into. It can also post to most of those websites, and it gives you specific options for each.

Supported sites:
  • DeviantArt /
  • Flickr
  • FurAffinity (read-only)
  • Furry Network
  • Inkbunny
  • Pixiv (read-only)
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Weasyl (read-only)


  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 11

It can also post to FurAffinity or Weasyl if you install Java and use efc.jar.

Let me know on DeviantArt or FurAffinity (lizard-socks) if there are any features you'd like to see added.

I just finished writing a story that I've been working on on and off since January, about a young superhero who meets some new people after his partner leaves. There's a lot of talking about feelings and no actual fighting. It's mostly just a way for me to develop some ideas and make them into something concrete. But if you want, you can read the whole thing at
such as these
Jeremy Amundson by lizard-socks Transworlds Comics: Metalen Meisje by lizard-socks Transworlds Comics: Axyridis by lizard-socks Superhero characters! by lizard-socks

or these
TF Battle Club: Jamie by lizard-socks TF Battle Club: Peter by lizard-socks TF Battle Club: Serena by lizard-socks TF Battle Club: Caskey by lizard-socks

or these
CREATURE SQUAD by lizard-socks
From :iconrgr98:

1.- When did you start to draw?
In my sophomore year of high school I started to draw animal characters in the margins of my notebooks at school while taking notes. I never wanted or tried to draw anything before that.

2.- When was the very first time you knew about deviantArt?
When Siouxstar recommended I make an account

3.- What is the first drawing you uploaded to the site?
It was on my old account and so it's in storage now, but I re-uploaded it here:
Tim by lizard-socks

4.- Is there a drawing on your gallery you like the least?
Some of the old pictures of Grenadine like this one: Grenadine (2) by lizard-socks the mask goes down to the bottom of the eyes, and so the ear is low and the side of the head looks too empty to me.

5.- Out of all the drawings you have, which one is the one you're proud of?
Transworlds Comics: Axyridis by lizard-socks I like the outfit, and the proportions are good-looking, which has been hard for characters who are taller or shorter than usual. (Maybe the head is too big in the bottom picture though.)
Sabina (quadripedal form) by lizard-socks I love the way the snout looks :)

6.- Do you keep your old drawings?
Not if they're on paper. If I did it on the computer I'll keep the original xcf or svg file in a folder somewhere.

7.- Digital or Traditional?
Nowadays it's usually digital. I don't find myself with a pencil and paper very much now that I'm out of school.

8.- How much do you draw? (Like every day or not often)
Maybe once a week. Definitely not as much as I used to.

9.- Who's your inspiration on starting to draw?
Nobody in particular.

10.- Have you showed your drawings to your family?
Maybe a couple times. It's always weird whenever your parents look at something you drew. It could be the most innocent thing in the world and you're still like "omg don't look at this!!" :P

11.- Do you know somebody from deviant or a friend who draws irl?
Not really, at least nobody I talk to on a regular basis. I used to know 2 or 3, but either we don't really stay in touch anymore or they moved away after college.

12.- Have you ever changed accounts?
I used to use libertyernie. I still use that name for Smash Bros Brawl related programming.

13.- How many friends do you have on dA?
Right now it's at 19, but I don't remember the last time I went through and made sure it was up to date with everyone.

14.- Who are your dA best friends?
I don't really talk to people much online. I'd like to do it more often.

Some of my favorite artists recently have been: :iconrubilight: :iconshadowtails-derol: :iconlafrugele:

Also :iconcatcomixzstudios: is always cool.

15.- Describe your best friends?
They're different from each other. Even with my friends sometimes it's hard to figure out what to talk about.

16.-Have you met someone on this site who you really like? Or love?
I don't feel like I know anyone well enough...

17.- Have you ever drawn something you regret drawing?
Nothing I can think of - at least nothing I've uploaded to the internet!

18.- Which was the most amazing thing that ever happened to you on deviantArt?
Finding :iconbraecor: after being here for like a week. My drawing twin. (It used to be almost the same style, but then they got better and learned new things, and me, not so much ;))

19.- Would you keep drawing in the future too?
Yeah, but I don't have much motivation to improve, since I don't want to do this for a career.

20.- Is there something you want to say to your watchers?
Shout out to everyone on the autism spectrum. Not to be confused with the Time Warner Cable Spectrum :)
Have you ever been checking your art inbox and thought to yourself, "I wish I could see all of these at once, but in a slightly absurd way?" Well then, Visual Art.NET is for you!
I'll probably sign up for a telegram account soon but it's no good if there's nobody to talk to :)
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I'll be in San Diego for most of next week, watching WBC baseball games and generally enjoying the weather!

Hopefully Mexico and USA can both make it through to the 2nd round, because that would be a great atmosphere to be in (San Diego is right on the border.)
  • Reading: closed captions
  • Watching: steven universe
It's hard for me to listen to people complain or be angry about something. Sometimes I have to leave the room or I get too anxious and I can't get any work done. It happens both at work and on the internet, which is why I've barely used Twitter since November.

The strange part is that I only get upset if I think they have a point. If I don't think what they're mad about is a real problem, then I don't care, but if I sympathize with them, then instead of getting angry I get really anxious and sad.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?
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Take a look at this Twitter bot I made! It takes a list of movie titles (top 100 movies from each year 1990 through 2015), and recombines titles and subtitles to make new movies.

Some of my favorites:
* Wallace and Gromit: The Dark World
* Babe: The First Avenger
* Abraham Lincoln: The Legend of Curly's Gold
* Gremlins 2: Let Me Explain

The bot's been posting 3 times a day so far, but I'll be changing it to twice - noon and midnight UTC.
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