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If you had a shapeshifting curse, and you had to choose between everyone knowing about it and not being able to tell anyone, which one would you choose?

I don't think I could live with having to keep it a secret.


So here's the thing about Bscitiu Noe. He comes from a very conservative culture in snowy rural Kashet, and he feels like an outlier in 24th century Starfleet. "If this is what the future of my home planet is going to look like," he says, "then it's a future that doesn't include me."

But he still wants to be in Starfleet - because, well, they're the reason his planet was never taken over by the Dominion.
Rajani's a snail

Brady walked into Rajani's apartment. She had given him a spare key, and even though she seemed to have gone missing, he had a good idea of where she might be.

He pulled a box out from under the table, dug through a couple of blankets, and saw a slug-like creature curled up underneath.

"Rajani?" he asked.

"I'm a snail," she sobbed. "I'm a snail. I'm so vulnerable."

Brady lifted her out of the box and onto the sofa. She had apparently wrapped one of the blankets around her long, soft body.

"Where's your shell?" Brady asked.

"I broke it," Rajani said. "It fell off. Now I can't make a new one until I turn back."

Rajani rested her snout on top of the pillow. Whenever she was in her snail form, Brady was struck by how much she still looked like herself. Her long hair was flowing down the side of her face as she lay belly-down on the couch.

"Have I always been a snail?" she asked, through sniffles.

"The first time we talked to each other was in the forest, remember?" Brady said. "Besides myself, you were the only other snail person I had ever met."

"How did you find me?" Rajani asked.

"A guy in class saw a shirt I was wearing with a drawing of a snail on it. He said there were a lot of snails there."

"I bet that was my cousin." Rajani rolled over onto her back. Brady was always amazed how strong a snail-person's muscles could be. "I've seen him as a snail before. I thought I was imagining it, just like I was with you..."

Rajani sat up quickly.

"Do you think my parents know?"

Superpowers for everyone
Doodled these characters while waiting for my code to compile, and thought about what roles they'd have in a longer version of Bugfriend.

* Sophie / Dreamclaw (bottom right) - A young girl who trapped an evil symbiote inside her to keep her family safe. She's the villain. If you're wondering why she looks so tall here, it's because I'm not good at drawing :)
* Jeremy / Bugfriend (upper right) -  He's trying to figure out what's going on, and also trying to make friends with people. The other superheroes are busy doing more important stuff.
* Axyridis / Skylar (upper left) - They want to help Jeremy solve the mystery, but they don't want to admit that they're being helpful.
* Gar (bug) - I suppose she would still be gone for most of the story. If she's there, there's not as much reason to have Skylar around.
* Unknown woman (second from right, top row) - I don't know who this is
* Ashley and Mojisola (bottom row, center) - They put a "superhero team" together, but it's really just a bunch of people renting a house.
* Brady (lower left) - Yes it's him! He's Jeremy's roommate. There's a rule that everyone living in the house has to have superpowers. Turning into a snail might be useless and occasionally distressing but it counts as a power. He also brings a romantic subplot with him.


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