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Some people have been asking me if I take Commissions, so I decided to start taking them. In this entry I will bring all the information you need to know before asking me for a commsision, I hope you find it helpful:

Bullet Purple Pricing: 
The prices are in USD and will vary depending of the amount of details of the drawing.

Sirena by lizana

$10.00  Flat color: $20.00  Full Shade: $30.00

Detailed backgrounds and extra characters may be subject to an extra charge.

Bullet Purple Payment: Full payments first before the requested art and they are made via PayPal bullet.

Bullet Purple Order:
  • I need a visual reference from the drawing you want (if are OC's for example), I don't work with typed-up explanations.
  • The commissions are ONLY for personal use.
  • Give me the respective credit for the commission, the OC's are yours but not the artwork.
  • I don't draw hentai/porn or offensive themes.
  :bademoticon: If you are interested write me a note :emailsend: revision :bademoticon:
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