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Lolita - Kisses and Ribbons OC

This is the last illustrarion I made using Easy Paint Tool SAI, hope you like it Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6

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cute, love the colors you used! ^^
Sameore's avatar
Nothingincontrol's avatar
that's great!!!!!!!!!!
SuzuSuzunomiya's avatar
really cute girl and the dress☆☆☆☆
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Thank you +favlove 
G4MM43T4's avatar
you're quite welcome, fellow deviant
Haku-47's avatar
its very nice, soo cute XD but you should find out what Loli actually means =( 
lizana's avatar
Hahaha I know, is a girly looking women, but I didnt wanted to name this drawing as the others of mine (Lolita) ^\\\^
Haku-47's avatar
i am not sure i understand what you mean. Loli actually means an attraction to young girls with other words pedophile. But many people upload drawings of girls that appear cute rather then pedophile material . this will eventually change the meaning of the word =) oh and Lolita is the name of the book that started all this. 
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Lolita is a Japanese fashion mostly concentrated in Harajuku, Tokyo and has nothing to do with the book by Nabokov ;)
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the book is also about a adult who falls in love with a young girl. and i know that lolita is some kind of fashion i just wanted to point out what loli means. 
Fierce-Chai's avatar
So pretty!

I love her dress!
DonDeloro's avatar
Yes i like this, nice FashionAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 
PastichePastel's avatar
The clothing is very cute
Teafairyadopts's avatar
oh wow this is fantastic
Connan-Bell's avatar
Oh no! Her lips came off and turned into hearts! 
Axurias's avatar
she's cute
love the art ! :D
4-Sheanna-4's avatar
Wow, the line art and the coloring are really well done. The pallet also looks very flattering. :iconjunesplz: 
lizana's avatar
Tank you so much :D
4-Sheanna-4's avatar
You're welcome. :heart: Keep up the good work. 
Peter-Sakazaki's avatar
She is very adorable. <3 Really love her outfit. <3 :3
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