A Guide to Your Perfect Portfolio!
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deviantART is offering a new, fabulous feature for us, Beta Testers.

This brings us to some pretty important questions...

What is a portfolio?
Why should an artist have a portfolio?
What makes a good portfolio?
How should I organize my portfolio?....

I will try to answer these questions in one short article.


A simple answer is "A showcase of your talent". But there is more to a portfolio then meets the eye. A well done portfolio reflects who you are and your strengths as an artist with only a few images.

dA provides you with an online portfolio option. To open your portfolio, click HERE


A portfolio can be used in many ways. This is your best tool of sharing your work with others. Its short and simple, and should summarize your accomplishments as an artist.


A portfolio should provoke interest in your audience. A perfect portfolio will engage the viewer, and leave them interested in your work. If a portfolio is too long, it will bore the audience, if its too short it will not show your full talent.

Your portfolio should be based on the audience you would like to impress, but in general, it should contain your best work, showing your personal style and a variety of techniques and talents.


As of right now, there are not very many options for organizing your portfolio in dA. As a general rule of thumb, keep it short and sweet.

Your work should be the center of attention so do not create any busy backgrounds or anything else that will compete with your work.

You have a freedom to organize your images in what ever order you would   like, but I suggest keeping them organized by theme or technique.

~ For instance, keep all macro together and all the landscapes together. There shouldn't be a picture of a landscape and then a picture of a macro and then a black and white image, unless they are all of the same theme, and provide necessary details for each other.

~If you have a very random assortment of images, I suggest making them all unified by matting them in the same color or making all of them the same size.  


Its time to put what you learned to practice.
Go to  your portfolio and explore your options. Just play around and soon you will find which images deserve to be in a portfolio and what looks the best.

And don't forget to pimp this article by +:heart: it!

Thank you for reading!
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akulla3DProfessional Digital Artist
I have set up my portfolio, however it seems that when people outside the DA login go there they can see it. Probably there is a js or css page that is required but you need to be logged in to get it.

This is a good feature and I hope it is fixed soon. One more thing where exactly to you submit bugs as a beta tester, I have submitted bugs to the bug report but never know if someone gets it since I have never even gotten a response of my submission.
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sueiroagustinProfessional Digital Artist
nope, not working with firefox (only if this matters, im using version 3 RC1)
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the link does not work, unfortunately :(
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lady--snowHobbyist Photographer
I can't see it =[
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Not working for me *sadface*
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It isn't working.. ^^;
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lizakot Photographer
are you sure? did you go to: [link]
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lizakot Photographer
hmmmm. 0_o are you using firefox?
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Having set it all up... Yep... The pieces you put into the Portfolio do not stay "arranged" as you put them into the portfolio (by using the drag & drop)... It jumbles them up.

The other features it bosts currently seem to work fine.
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Very helpful... Thank you! :D
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lizakot Photographer
no problem :worship:
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no need to bow to me my friend... i'm just a plebe!
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Would you mind checking this link out? MY PORTFOLIO

Give me your professional critique please... ?
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lizakot Photographer
Other then the fact your link doesnt work? :paranoid:

:love: Sorries.
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The links don't work :(

<33 hugs, starlight
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I lie; I wasn't enlisted as an official beta tester, that's why :XD:

<33 hugs, starlight
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lizakot Photographer
Im glad you figured it out! :love:
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mothnodeProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome article! Well done!
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lizakot Photographer
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