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Well I'm thinking of doing a little kiriban ... I mean I could do ye olde pageview kiriban
So folks here's how its gonna go down =

This will be a pageview kiriban for 30,003.


Some rules this time...

The person who wins must be logged into deviantART, and must be one of my watchers here.

The Kiriban can only be claimed by the name that is in the screen shot, the one who is logged into DA. It will not be given to anyone else.

I decided that I want the kiriban to be given to someone who appreciated my deviations, or reads my journals and generally likes to visit my page, this is why I have decided to make it only available to people who watch me. So if you post the screen shot and your aren't one of my watchers then you wont get it, and I will check the date on when you began to watch me, if its after the screen shot you wont get it either. This is purely because I want to give back something, and this requires a bit more effort from you instead of the usual randomness and luck of a kiriban


And also... I will give another prize for

:bulletblue: Make me smile deviant
:bulletpurple: Make me smile comment

So if I decide that by the 30,003 pageview point that any of those 2 are you, then you will be rewarded too.

This is because I dont want this to be anotheeeer "refresh button" kiriban, I want it for someone who deserves it. So I will pick.



:bulletgreen:1 month sub for each -
30,003 Screenshot
Make Me Smile Deviant
Make Me Smile Comment

If you happen to get all 3, then you will get a 3 month sub

:bulletgreen:The obligatory llama

:bulletgreen:Fanart commission
I just really wanted to have a go at a commission:)

So good luck to all the lovely deviants out there. I'm so happy I will get to reward a few folk :)

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