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Myu-style SD Super Sailormoon

SD Super Sailormoon, wearing the Sera Myu stage musical style costume, with lots of sparklies! XD

Her left arm is looking stumpy. It was supposed to be because of the perspective, but I don't think it worked out that way.

Inking is soul-sucking. I don't know why I ever make myself do it.
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Very cool. : )
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It's alright if her left are looks "stumpy", she's SD anyway! :XD: (Ha ha, that's my excuse for chibis/SD when I think I messed up...I say, "Well, they are supposed to look like that!) ;p

I like how you put in all the sparkles. It makes the transparent material of her outfit seems iridescent. ^_^ That's a neat effect.

And to me, the pink looks better than the usual red. :)
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Waaah, so pink and shineh! :giggle:
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pretty! The pink lines give it a nice touch :3
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That's cute! :)
Is that digital from scratch? Kudos if it is; I'd never have the patience and steady hand to ink digitally.

Regarding the perspective of the arm, I made a sketch, I hope it's helpful and not unwelcome: [link]
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I sketched the picture straight into photoshop and inked from there, yeah. I don't know why I did--my hand isn't very steady itself, and inking is never an enjoyable experience. Sometimes I just like the look. XD

Thanks for the perspective sketch, you're right about that. (I might have done it right had it not been around 4 am, but live and learn)
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aww! Lol that's adorable! :heart:
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Thank you! ^^
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