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Cut out Supergirl top

Supergirl Cut Out Top I made :)
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Sep 3, 2011, 1:42:33 PM
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That is certainly one SUPER chest you have there!! I bet you can bend steel bars across it!! Impressive!

TheDarkMan70's avatar

Love the Super sexy 'Supergirl' top you created.....Liz-a-smurf!

Where can I get one...pretty you sell them???

See ya X
wulongti's avatar
very neat idea; did this start out as a Super babydoll, or did you applique the Shield on? I think it's a really awesome idea and modeled perfectly. Only suggestion would be to machine edge the raw cut outs, or use some bias tape (though the curves would be difficult).
I think I love you
WOW that is Awesome!!
TwiztdFred's avatar
Saw your pick on the Geeks Are Sexy website, that should get your the exposure, no pun intended, you need. Here's the link [link]
Liz-a-smurf's avatar
I totes follow them! I got all shaky when it came up in my feed lol I've commented on it and everything and no one's realised it's me lol
roysartwork's avatar
Oh my, now this is the coolest House of El crest I've ever seen. Dig it, completely.
khz-acid's avatar <3
excellent work you have there. ;)
this is so great ! i want to do the same shirt for a gift's birthday can you give me a link to the model of the t-shirt ? thank you
Liz-a-smurf's avatar
I am the model and I created the t shirt :) did you get here through geeks are sexy?
Yes and it is by far one of the greatest shirts ever! It looks amazing and I want one!!! :D
Liz-a-smurf's avatar
I posted it to try and get people interested in buying them! I sell on ebay a lot but not so much now I'm back at uni. If you ever wanna buy one lemme know :D
Hello, my friend is not a geek (unfortunately...) but her boobs are awesome like yours =), so i was thinking it's gonna be very funny (and sexy i admit it ! ) if she wears one of them for her birthday ! I'm from Paris, France do you have a link to buy one of your superman shirt ?

ps : someone posted your shirt on, so i'm here now cause i have a deviant art account !

here is the link : [link]

sorry fory my bad's a shame.
BaronTopherVonPanda's avatar
I love your Cut Out Supergirl Top :3 well played madame, well played.
inmood's avatar
and your boobs looks nice;)
lexyverse's avatar
*nods* I like the silver one better now to find it ^^
Brandtk's avatar
that is really awesome.... great idea and an even greater body (and in your other pic you are gorgeous, and cute as hell)
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