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Be in Legend!
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Battle at Metropolis


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Dreams of a Swimming Undersea Parade


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Battle at Metropolis

Request and Gifts

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Expand Your Reach with Commissions

We’re always trying to find ways to empower artists, and a great option to expand your reach and exposure, as well as monetize your material, is by opening yourself up to commissions. Commissions can help unlock business towards your creations. Below are some simple ways to craft the best commission for your future buyers. #1: Be Ready to Take Commissions It's important to check in with yourself and make sure you’ve got the time and responsibility to take commissions. Whether you freelance full-time or create artwork on the side, be honest with yourself on what projects you can take on. This helps you stay on top of your work, maintain a professional relationship with potential clients, and avoid burnout and stress! Remember: you don’t have to accept every commission. Do what works best for you! #2: Know Your Worth Don’t second guess or undervalue your work! If you are accepting commissions, you are investing time, effort, and resources into the finished product, so you should


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Intermezzo H. P.11

Rise of the Guardians

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Tails WIP


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''Heroes come back'' Chapter 1 Page 3

Shard x Nicole

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