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Teen's Play Issue 2 Page 12

By LiyuConberma
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I'll be honest, I will TRY to upload a new comic page or a new artwork at least once a week, or slightly more than a week depends on my work.


I have recently received a BIG project from my studio, so don't be alarmed if I might be absent for a little longer than usual, but you guys are super awesome and patient to my updates! SUPER appreciate that!

Anyway, enjoy and stay safe!!

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Story, art, OCs (Kaze, Sapphire, Darren, Benonic etc.), and Cosium Universe by ME :iconliyuconberma:

Edited by my Ghost Writer

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver the Hedgehogs belong to :iconsegaplz:
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© 2020 - 2021 LiyuConberma
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Batman108s's avatar

This story is amazing so far and I can’t wait for the next update

cutecoolcats12345's avatar

love the story can't wait for the next page. :D

wisperwolff's avatar

I just really hope the page dose come "soon"

Bonnalina101's avatar

Next Page: Coming soon!

Me: (Press X to doubt)

GalaxyDragoon20's avatar

i lovvvvveeeee this comic sooo much keep up the amazing, super, great, lovley work plzzzz!!!🥺🥺

CogaPlush's avatar

I just realized, Sonic looks a bit concerned or sad in the last panel, you ok buddy? You need a hug?

sonicowa19pl's avatar

In my opinion Sonic feels sorry for shadow. Sonic's face is saying ,,I feel sorry for him"

marlenih's avatar

i really want to read the rest of the comic

marlenih's avatar

when are you going to finish this comic

Marzycielka2's avatar

I loved your comics Pink Heart Icon You create a fantastic, magical atmosphere and the clothes are great :D

I'm reading ff from the world of Cosium and I have to say they're phenomenal XD You've created a fantasy saga with amazing world and heros :)

I can't wait to find out what will happen next :) So many questions... Will Rakar show up to involve the SSS in his evil plans? What will Kaze and Sapphire do when they learn the truth about their children? I know, I know, working on comics is hard and takes a lot of time. So good luck, lots of strength and time to create :)You're doing a great job :)

ZelodolonGirl's avatar

So, how would Kaze, Sapphire and Darren react to Eggman and Sonic battling him?

CogaPlush's avatar

Are you sure you three aren't brother >.>

HanaThehybrid's avatar

I hope you can make more!

Muttface1's avatar

What’s with Sonics look in the last panel???

HanaThehybrid's avatar

What if he is in love???? or just sad or something?

Muttface1's avatar

I dunno maybe he is just worried about what’s happening back in his world

HanaThehybrid's avatar

Yeah! Do you ship sonic x shadow? teheh

Muttface1's avatar

I do not. I dont Usually ship. But I do think we need some of the tales of origin stories turned into comics (sorry that’s completely of topic but im just saying what’s on my mind)

Bonnalina101's avatar

If she put Sonadow in here that’d be super surprising. I’ve read most of her stories and the only thing even close to “gay” was a gay pedophile •_•.

stuffyim's avatar

I love this comic and everything that goose with it the dialogue the images/art and the story it's self is amazing good job🤩🤩👍👍

stuffyim's avatar

I meant gose😅😅😅😅

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