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Teen's Play Issue 2 Page 09

By LiyuConberma
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Wow! It's been a while since I've updated, huh?....Sorry ^^;

Anyway, things have been CRAZY in my life. I got sick recently, I have so many plans happening in this month. And mostly importantly, I'm not gonna be here (dA) for a whole next week.

More will be announced on my upcoming journal entry. So stay tune.

Anyway, here's the new page, but sorry that this is rather short.

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Story, art, OCs (Kaze, Sapphire, Darren, Benonic etc.), and Cosium Universe by ME :iconliyuconberma:

Edited by my Ghost Writer

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver belong to :iconsegaplz:
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dounothewaeNew Deviant

That what he said -_-

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hey dude i like your comic's please do next page i like you dude your the best art and i gonna watch you everyone like this comic your awesome i can't wait to watch next page of children's play and teen's play your comic's and your art's is interesing i watching you profile your great i like this comic's i don't hate i just like you please write to me when next page children's play and teen's play please can you do next page because i can't wait towatch next page children's play and teen's play so see ya dude.

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I love the art-stzle. It looks like a real Sonic Comic and it's amazing. I love Shadow's outburst and Silver's reaction to Shadow's insult, it really captures a sense of "why are you angry at me? I didn't do anything wrong" that is (in my opinion) a lot like the Silver we know and love. I also like how Sonic is the voice of reason for once, calming Shadow down a bit, though Shadow isn't really convinced about what Sonic is saying, making Sonic uncomfortable. It's very well done and wonderfully colored like all the other pages. I love the Story, the character-designs, the colors and how realistic the reactions and expressions look like. It's amazin, keep up the good work
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lunathepupHobbyist General Artist
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i love this i always wanted to tell you how much i love your style i love the page, the way is drawed is amazing the shading is just lovely and poor silver <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":(" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="380" title=":( (Sad)"/> at least sonic is there to solve thier problems keep up with the good work, did i mention how much i like how you putted them cloths also the background is amazing it totally fits and shadows hand is just so detailed on panel 3 actually drawing shadow is really hard for me but i see is a piece of cake for you anyways i love this and enjoy your dat :3
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FirestormthedragolfHobbyist General Artist

Shadster need some speed weed to calm down

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TheGEOriginalHobbyist General Artist



You do not


Call Silver a 'white RAT' 

How *dare* you 

Ultimate Lifeform or NOT 

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FirestormthedragolfHobbyist General Artist

Well its better than being called weed head

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TheGEOriginalHobbyist General Artist

you right bout that

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Akystaracer22Hobbyist General Artist

Me: Yeah Sonic except at this point Silver is probably the closest to figuring this shiz out and BTW word of advice: Listen to your gut and what your heart and soul and instincts are telling you because they know more about you than you do you adopted idiot.

Sonic: wait... I'm adopted?

Me: well yeah did you not know about that or the fact that you had the Cosmium prince Sonic's necklace on you?

Lord Darren: Wait, WHAT??!!


(Read child's play it is an amazing story)

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CoudyStorm6Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cill down shadow,are you in your male period or what?:0
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Shadow: Doubt
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RoseDuelistBBSHMProfessional Digital Artist

I LOVE how Sonic already knows the Play Book by heart!

No wonder he's always so easy-going - he already knows how things'll turn out (more or less).

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hey liyu conberma where's next page of children's play because i love this comic and i love teen's play that comic is interesing i love your frofile come on dude it's summer day and i'm boring everyone like you and i like you tooFacebook like bullet Clap Spider-Man Twitter emoji 
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LiyuConbermaProfessional Digital Artist
I just uploaded a new page ^^
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oh thanks for information me:D (Big Grin) 
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Liyu posted a journal entry in late June explaining that life was busy and there wasn’t a whole lot of time, said next month might have more time for now we all just be patient and wait for glorious enlightenment Meow :3 
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ScarletInkPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Can’t wait for the next upload!
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This moment will be an In-universe Harsher in Hindsight moment when they finally get the memo of how they are well and truly Brothers.
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mcke17Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey shadow, news flash he BASICALLY saved your world from being destroyed in the future!
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Joseph-ProwerStudent Artist
When will the next come out
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keep up the amazing work :3
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i has quetions...

when r the next childrens play and teens play pages gonna come out from what u think? either way KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK PLZ xD

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CreeperFloweyHobbyist General Artist
Whew, once they get Shadow to calm down, all they'll have to worry about is not bringing up or meeting a person with the name "Maria", otherwise.......... They doomed.
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