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Slice of Life4.2 (Rakar)

Welp! Took me long to finish the part 2 ^^; Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I got drawing block on this part, PLUS as you all know, my work at an animation studio keeps me VERY occupied. After work, I'm always exhausted XP

BUT, I will try to make time for my Cosium universe fanfic/ fancomic ongoing. And here's some good news...

Another two-part oneshots of Benonic's story will be coming soon... ^w^

Until then, please enjoy and leave a comment (no flames please)

And if any of you haven't or knew how Mortesen met Athena OR wanted to see more about Rakar's life, follow this fanfic series:  The Legend of Karok - Chapter 1Poverty Isn't a Choice
Prince Mortesen of Cosium watched from a higher point as the infamous Karok rode his stag straight toward the gulch, staying two lengths in front of the pursuing horses. The thief crouched low on its back just as they rounded a stretch of trees and the wide barrier came into view. Everyone behind him pulled up, but the stag took the jump, landing on the other side with room to spare. Then they sprinted off into the trees.
The hedgehog prince grinned to himself and signaled his soldiers to go around. They acknowledged his wish and rode west along the ravine. He slid down the steep hillside and waited.
Sure enough, the masked vagabond dressed completely in black appeared, trying to take the quickest route out of the valley, but a wall of broken stone blocked the path. He stopped, sensing a trap.
“I knew you'd try to escape, Karok,” the black hedgehog with fiery stripes along his quills said as he stepped out of the brush. “I had my s

:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 1  Slice of Life oneshot 1 by LiyuConberma 
:iconheropowerplz: Slice of Life oneshot 2  Slice of Life oneshot 2 by LiyuConberma 

:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 3.1:  Slice of Life oneshot 3.1 by LiyuConberma 
Slice of Life oneshot 3.2:  Slice of Life 3.2 by LiyuConberma
:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 4.1:  Slice of Life 4.1 (Rakar) by LiyuConberma 
:iconheropowerplz: Slice of Life oneshot 4.2: HERE! 
:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 5: <da:thumb id="757445408">

Kaze the Hedgehog belongs to me :iconliyuconberma:
Shadow the Hedgehog belongs to :iconsegaplz: and Archie!
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Goodness! the raw emotion that is shown in these characters faces it almost too much to take in. You can clearly tell that Rakar wasn't faking his grief for his brother, but it was even more true and raw. When Mortesen looked at his brother, I could fell the sorrow and pain inside myself. I especially love how the shadow of his brother's statue still has depth when it falls on Rakar's face. It is also seen that Rakar plainly doesn't have those feelings of pain or regret anymore, that they are replaced with tolerance and a small bit of anger; He's accepted what he's done and that he truly does feel like they both couldn't keep there promises.

Please keep up the heart wrenching artwork.
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Hi finnally i got to write again YAY. So many troubles in my shitty life. Ok lets get going.
Another amazing peace of art created by these incredible person. I adore how they see like well done sketches that is a unice stile of yours. Now the story, this is so impactable i cant imagine living with the voices of many people inside you asking to be free again. Also is hard to live with the fact that yo know you trapped those people inside you, you feel like amurder opresing people to be kept inside you. Thats the moment where you want someone by your side afterward you realize that if you captured souls from stranger what would keep you from dtealing a friends one. That promise they made between each other would have grown stringer but inething can change everything you used to have and the only thing you can do is continue with life.

This is so amazing I always love to critique your artwork its such an honor.
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I’m glad that we get to see how he felt about killing his brother cause I wondered how he just seemed so calm and seeing him and his brother seemed close it confused me but seeing this really clears it up and I like the emotions great job I love your art! 😊
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Woooooooooooow... I think my mind explo- *BOOOOM*

SonicRanger-1's avatar heart every FREAKING TIME!!! DANG IT, MAN!!! Oshawott cry plz 

So now I understand half of something i was wondering xd

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This is so sweet and sad!!!!! 😭 I love Mortesen!!!! And I just want to give Rakar a hug!!!!!! He so badly needs one!!!
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Sure, give the murderer a hug.
BenonicTheHedghog's avatar
Dude I like a creepy pasta character that murders children, you really think I’m gonna be afraid of Rakar?
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*inhales* No, just disappointed.
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What are you disappointed about?
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Stop lying to yourself Rakar...
Twilightnite's avatar
IS that really going to happen?!
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Well, that already happened in Legend of Karok, IF you have read my comment below the pic. ^^;
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I was in a rush when i saw the pic and I wasn't able to read it properly....

My apology LiyuConberma.
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Have you ever thought of making a story about Rakar's point of view or like a diary of his life?
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I didn't see your comment until now, but if you want to know how Rakar came to the conclusion that he had to kill his brother, check out the very end of this chapter: The Wrath of Magic War - Chapter 8
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 corruption by One Love by the other but always love conquers all
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Betrayed in the end by the one he called a brother. Must have corrupted his heart when Rakar stabbed him and left him to die.
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