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Slice of Life oneshot 2

Well, I think you guys don't get to see much of baby Darren, and seeing he is one of the most favourite OC you guys voted before. I give you more of BABY DARREN (when he's near 1 year old)! XD

It's just something that came to my mind and was inspired by my real life baby niece who would get fussy when her pacifier is not in her mouth lol


:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 1  Slice of Life oneshot 1 by LiyuConberma
:iconheropowerplz: Slice of Life oneshot 2: HERE!
:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 3.1:  Slice of Life oneshot 3.1 by LiyuConberma
:iconheropowerplz: Slice of Life oneshot 3.2:  Slice of Life 3.2 by LiyuConberma
:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 4.1:  Slice of Life 4.1 (Rakar) by LiyuConberma
:iconheropowerplz: Slice of Life oneshot 4.2:  Slice of Life4.2 (Rakar) by LiyuConberma
:iconherospeedplz: Slice of Life oneshot 5:  Slice of Life5 (family bath time) by LiyuConberma

Athena, Mortesen, Benonic, Kaze, and Darren all belong to ME :iconliyuconberma:

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*sucking sound from Minecraft*
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Why is Sonic.exe taking care of baby silver and toddler sonic
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That is not sonic EXE Silver or Sonic! The big guy with black eyes is Benonic! The little baby is his youngest sibling Darren! And the toddler is his little brother Kaze! Basically they are sonic shadow and silver‘s dad and uncles when they were younger!!

Kaze = Shadow, Sonic and Silver’s Dad

Darren and Benonic = Shadow, Sonic and Silver’s uncles

As for the other two, they are sonic shadow and silver‘s grandparents.
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That was the most weirdly adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Wait... How can Kaze have wings?
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He just born with it as "Royal Gift", every royalty is born with extra special ability.
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Kaze: If I recall it wasn’t til you were 4 years old that mother convinced you to stop sucking on the pacifier.

Darren: * embarssed* I STOPPED LIKE A NORMAL CHILD!!!!

( imagine Kaze teased Darren’s fondness of the pacifier till they were adults)
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😂😂😂 OMG I pictured that in my head and I can’t stop laughing now!!!! Now my dad, uncle Darren and my uncle Ben are going to extremely annoyed with me!!!!!

(just to clarify the reason why I am referring to Kaze as my Dad and Darren and Benonic as my uncles is because I made a story on Wattpad where I meet the royal family of Cosseum and they take me in as their own)
that's so cute ^^
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Awww! Darren Is So Cute As A Baby! :3
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That's so adorable! 
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I wanna join in the snuggling XD
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I know their soo ccuuttee heheheh!!!
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Now all we need is a Slice of life involving baby Sapphire! I'm sure Posidon has some embarrassing father daughter tales to share!
LiyuConberma's avatar
Oh, nice idea, I'll put that one in thought. There will be a Sapphire shot, but maybe not as a baby..yet.
The-Nina-Beans88's avatar
Aww! Maybe as a little toddler or child LOL
LiyuConberma's avatar
Well, just need to have a cute and heartwarming moment for Sapphire
The-Nina-Beans88's avatar
Maybe involving Marissa
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