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Silver and his Pokemon


Yes, SSS have their own Pokemons, it's just very TOUGH to choose! Fortunately, Silver's are much easier choices.

P.S: I KNOW there are some of you suggested Celebi, the time travelling Pokemon, for Silver's party. If I could add it in the team, I would. But for now, Celebi is an HONOURABLE mention.

Stay safe, people!


Espeon = It's one of the obvious choices for Silver's psychic power. But also, doesn't she reminds him/you a certain purple feline? *wink wink* LOL

Manaphy= I have Silver to be the Heir of Atlantis in my story, so what Pokemon would be more PERFECT than THE "Prince of the Sea", Manaphy itself?!

I will be posting the rest of the OCs with their Pokemon partners, I have some in mind, but I am interested to hear what YOU have in mind. 

Lemme know which Pokemon you have in mind for the rest of the Cosium OCs AND SSS! Any Pokemon can be suggested, even Ultra Beasts and Legendaries!

Other teams:

Darren the Hedgehog:  Darren and his Pokemon by LiyuConberma

Rakar the Hedgehog:  Rakar and his Pokemon by LiyuConberma
To see the previous teams, start with Eirwen the Snow Vixen:  Eirwen and her Pokemon by LiyuConberma 

Silver the Hedgehog belongs to :iconsegaplz:

Silver's merhog form belongs to me :iconliyuconberma:

Espeon and Manaphy belong to Pokemon and :iconnintendoplz:
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You know Sonic should have a Legendary... because he's Sonic, and he needs to be extra. I was thinking Entei cause on Spell of the unknown he's super fast. But that's an illusionary Entei in that story so I don't know if a normal Entei would have the same speed.

It would be funny as heck if the Hydrophobe had nothing but water types. XDDD

According to google Deoxys is the fastest pokemon. I had to laugh though cause it looks like an Eggman robot.

He even has the little fan in his chest like Metal Sonic. So perfect~!!

Omg his speed form and attack form both make him look simular to metal sonic. he gets the spikes on his head and everything.

I love this Pokemon now.

sarahdreamgoddess's avatar

will we see sonics and shadows?

So adorable silver is petting Espeon F2U | Cute Fox Pagedoll

SilverSonicFanKid's avatar
That is very cute... I agree
Themythicalangel's avatar

Really cute piece!

TheTrashmaster87's avatar
I call this baby, Bold and Brash.
sonicsped2's avatar
mellotome1's avatar
Are you going to make drawings for the rest of the hedgies?
LiyuConberma's avatar

Yep, but sorry that they take time

mellotome1's avatar
As long as there will be drawings, it's fine.
SilverNick2006's avatar

Cool choices! Although I always thought Celebi would be Silver's pokemon lol

LiyuConberma's avatar

I know, same as Dialga, but given his status in my world, and I DID give an honorable mention of Celebi in the commet.

lupa94's avatar

Now let's move on to the young prince of Cosium! Oh my ... but it's cute! Espeon not only reflects him in his powers, but he also remembers a certain very hot cat,:giggle: he seems to have been made especially for him! Ai has compared two principles with Manaphy, and I am increasingly convinced that Silver will be a great King, he has all the qualities and will prove it! I can't wait to see how many other teams you will draw! I really want to see Kaze, Darren and of course Shadow and Sonic! :happybounce:

Adoro❤️ È meraviglioso

SilverNick2006's avatar

I thought Celebi would be a good choice for Silver

You know that, now that you’ve given him Manaphy, it’s only a matter of time until the fans write a genderbender fic.

Pikachu-TheHedgehog's avatar

So cool!

I suggested Sonic with Lucario and...Pikachu?

Got no idea ;-;

bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, So So Adorable!!!!!!!.
SorahWolf's avatar

Awww thry looke great!

(By the way, you're right, Espeon has a similarity with a certain mobian cat 7w7 )

slivatheheadhog's avatar

amazing art better the mine ;-; but whos slier

Raspberrythebat55's avatar

Awww! i was wondering why Silver was a merhog but I get it now cause of your story! I really like this, of course he has espeon lol at least it’s a psychic type and the other obvious thing lol

lovecharmmaster's avatar
I get why he would have an Espeon, but gosh dang it! I wanted him to have a Vaporeon so the would point at both his tail and her tail and say, “We match!”.
AlexandraThePotato's avatar

Sonic with rapidash. although Sand

Flordeoro's avatar
Silver is so cuuuute! 
Why Silver has a trident? I thought than his weapon is an arrow. (Sorry to dont speack about the pokemons, I dont know any thing about the franchise) 
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