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Rakar and his Pokemon

By LiyuConberma
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WOO-HOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! I honestly stayed up a little late to get this, AND our favourite villain, done! And I wanna try a little different than the others I had done before. No colour can express Rakar's pure evilness, but the simplicity of black and dark tone/ MANGA STYLE can pop the common colour in this unique trio.

Also, stay tune for this Friday ;)

Stay safe, people!

P.S: Hope the image doesn't look too busy, because I was experimenting with the tonal functions in Clip Studio Paint.


A/N: While I'm aware most people wanted to pick Darkrai for Rakar, but if you have seen my reasons in Darren's piece, then you'd understand. Also, Rakar doesn't need legendary pokemon to make himself look more evil. With the RIGHT Pokemon, he can.

Dusknoir = To quote Pokedex from "Sword" game, "At the bidding of transmissions from the spirit world, it steals people and Pokémon away. No one knows whether it has a will of its own." Rakar has the ability of taking one's HALF soul, so Dusknoir could literally suck countless souls, ready for Rakar's disposal.

Banette = To quote Pokedex from "Ultra Moon" game, "Resentment at being cast off made it spring into being. Some say that treating it well will satisfy it, and it will once more become a stuffed toy." Resented and isolated since birth, Rakar used all those pent up frustration, hatred and other negative emotions to create a destructive path for revenge.

I will be posting the rest of the OCs with their Pokemon partners, I have some in mind, but I am interested to hear what YOU have in mind. 

Lemme know which Pokemon you have in mind for the rest of the Cosium OCs AND SSS! Any Pokemon can be suggested, even Ultra Beasts and Legendaries!

Other teams:

Silver the Hedgehog:  Silver and his Pokemon by LiyuConberma

Darren the Hedgehog:  Darren and his Pokemon by LiyuConberma

To see the previous teams, start with Eirwen the Snow Vixen:  Eirwen and her Pokemon by LiyuConberma 

Rakar the Hedgehog belongs to me :iconliyuconberma:

Dusknoir and Banette belong to Pokemon and :iconnintendoplz:
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Looking at this again, I was going to tell you Dusknoir would be a great pick for Rakar. If you remember the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, Dusknoir acts kind and smart, then later it is revealed he is evil and manipulative. So yeah Definetely Rakar!

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This displays the evil within Rakar. I love how there are certain colors missing making it more of an erie drawing. 10/10.

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It's been a hot minute since I've been on here. HOLY CRAP I LOVE IT

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Oh, the colours are so awesome! I love how intimidating this is!

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SICK! ...In a good way, I mean. Also idk why, but the look Rakar is giving gives me the same vibe as Louise in bob's burgers going "You could sell your soul. I did and look at me. I'm fine." XD

LiyuConberma's avatar

LOL which season and episode she said that! ?

JJSpeedpelt's avatar

It was in the episode titled “the unnatural“ I believe.

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Blood. I see blood every wherrrrrrrre

idk, to me blood always seem go with Rakar

PureMaranzie's avatar

The expressions in this piece are on point! Somehow makes me love him (as a villain) even more!

lulumoon3223's avatar

This is amazing, Rakar is my favorite character. The next character should be Mortesen.

AlexandraThePotato's avatar

This is my favorite. Apparently I'm still as edgy as I was when I first discover you the summer before my freshman year of high school. This is incredible and is a great use of color!

SkittlesFrills's avatar

This...this is so fitting for Rakar.

Amazing work btw!

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Omg omg beautiful art I love the style you drew it too much

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Also, Dusknoir I think it was said in the Shield pokedex that trapped its prey in the mouth in their belly and then sucked their victim's soul, leaving only an empty husk away. Jeez, I like ghost pokemon, but some have nightmare-inducing descriptions.

LiyuConberma's avatar

I think so far only the ghost or dark type pokemon have the most tragic or disturbingly DARK background story, and yet NEVER mention it on anime. (Even if they do, they might do it rarely or tone it down)

Dalalaik20-6's avatar

Yeah, that's a shame, because they have really cool stories. Like, the cubone thing is super dark, the skull of their mother, and when they cry mandibuzz attacks them. That's why I love reading the pokedex, it could be so cool to see those stories animated, like, all the haunted houses and all the tetric environments. Ghosts, curses and echoes of the past, it sounds like a story I would love to see in pokemon, but I guess that would end up raising their age rating.

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Liyuconberma you are one of my favourite artist, I love your art, your stories and your OC characters.

Happy birthday from Italy

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0-0 Rekar is a psycho
bubblegumPOP12's avatar

EEP PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO!! That’s a crazy psycho b#### right there

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REALLY hoping Shadow gets Umbreon.

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I got extremely excited seeing this. THIS IS AWESOME! Well done, Dusknoir and Banette fit Rakar PERFECTLY.

(I HATE IT when Eclipse doesn't let you see people's birthdays! Makes it HARD to say Happy Birthday. SO Happy Birthday!)

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