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Pika-Puppet (Pikachu hybrid) Plushie

By LiyuConberma
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This was made during Halloween, and :iconsewdesune: was having this Halloween plush contest of hers. And of course, I just have to enter because I LOVE her works. And here is the hybrid of Pikachu and the Pupper from fnaf, PIKA-PUPPET!

...I didn't win, but got an amazing coupon for her Chibi Horror Plush pattern. And as shown in my latest Cthulhu:  Cthulhu Plushie by LiyuConberma

There is definitely some changes on Pika-Puppet's eyes and mouth for sure.

This, as well, will be one of my plushies to sell at a convention this year (if that happens). Won't be selling at this moment, this is just a sample for all to show. ^^ Hope you like it!
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As soon as I saw this I instantly fell in love with it. I've never seen anything like it and it's flawless execution make it a one of a kind plushie that I would love to have in my own home. The general creativity and master craftsmanship on this just make me fall head over heels for the design and idea. I would love to see more work like this and more pictures of it in the future but for now I am content just to have this picture to gaze at. I love everything about this, keep up the good work<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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How does pikachu somehow make Marionette scarier
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MatakietheHedgewolfHobbyist Artist
Did u make it or did ur order it from Budsi?
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LiyuConbermaProfessional Digital Artist
Budsi? But anyway, I made it myself for one's Halloween sewing contest. ^^
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MatakietheHedgewolfHobbyist Artist
Nice! Budsi is a website u can send ur pics in. And they will make it into a Plushy for u for like $89 bucks or something. It’s sooooo Cool!
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LiyuConbermaProfessional Digital Artist
Ah...I saw that on etsy too, but I much rather make it myself, perfect or not, it was fun and enjoyable for problem solving ^^

Plus, if I ever sell my plush here, it would be around 50 dollars.
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MatakietheHedgewolfHobbyist Artist
Nice. Would u ever think of taking requests from people in the future?
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LiyuConbermaProfessional Digital Artist
Don't know, but if I do, I would post a pic of my creations instead of custom made.
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MatakietheHedgewolfHobbyist Artist
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papa3231Student General Artist
You made Puppet-chu!
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How Cute! I think I've fainted. Love 
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craftsbyblueHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi! I see that you've requested critique on this piece, and I'm here to give you one ;)

This plushie is as cute as it is creepy; I think that you fused the characters really well, retaining the most distinctive traits of both characters. Your drawing also elevates your presentation, and also serves as a great 'reference' of sorts (of how the character would look like in 2D form). Overall, excellent work :nod:!

For your presentation, I suggest arranging your photos in a collage; not only will it help align your photos (if you use an online collage maker like, but the borders of the collage will also make the transitions between photos more streamlined. Additionally, when taking crafts photos, I don't recommend facing your camera towards the light source, as it will result in a distracting glare and high levels of light-shadow contrast (like in your upper right photo). Ideally, you want the light to be spread evenly across the background, and for there to be as few objects in the photo as possible. For this reason, I suggest taking your photos on a plain piece of paper or cloth :)

Hope this helps, and keep up the wonderful work! :)

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If you wanted me to be scared it's done Mildly Internally Triggered Disappointed Confused 
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OXxDarkStarxXOStudent Digital Artist
damn it looks so cool!!!! i wish i can commission ya but i dont have money (plus you dont have the price settled yet.......... and you are not open yet............... and im still a student with no work..............)
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KoRnRULE23Student Digital Artist
This is either the most cute or most scary thing i ever saw
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Mittens-The-Weird-CaHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so cute! If you saw it in real life, you wouldn't even realize it was trying to kill you XD
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Ghostgirl1998Hobbyist Writer
This is both terrifying and adorable...I love it~!
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Kiwi-R Artist
This is both cute and terrifying. I love it!
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Midnight3WonderHobbyist General Artist
Oh, my goodness! I love this! I NEED this!
GemlettuceCreations's avatar
GemlettuceCreationsProfessional Artisan Crafter
Awesome mash up of two characters I wouldn't have thought of together :D
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PhatPandaPo23Hobbyist Artist
I think it's adorable 
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Shade-GuyStudent Digital Artist
Have you ever played Hello Neighbour?
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LiyuConbermaProfessional Digital Artist
I watch people playing, it confused me so much lol

But I basically can't play much games since my computer is not compatible for these games, plus I don't have time at all XP
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Shade-GuyStudent Digital Artist
So I guess no flaf either?
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