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Maria's First Christmas Pg28

By LiyuConberma
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Man, I stayed up late for this page but totally worth it! I REALLY can't wait to use my NEW COMIC COLORING STYLE that I mentioned before,  NEW COMIC COLOURING STYLE by LiyuConberma, soon! Either way, hope you all enjoy this page, I can't guarantee I would update on schedule but I would change the date below to avoid confusion! 

Stay safe, as ALWAYS!

Drew/colored with CLIP STUDIO PAINT (HIGHLY recommend it! Get it when it's on sale!)

:iconherospeedplz: Previous Pages:  Maria's First Christmas Pg27 by LiyuConberma

:iconheropowerplz: Next Page: Feb 19th (maybe A LITTLE later)! (Due to work)

Shadow the Hedgehog,Maria Robotnik belong :iconsegaplz: and (OLD) Sonic Archie

Maria's hedgehog form, and the story belong to me :iconliyuconberma:

Story edited by Ghost Writer
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Awesome! PLEASE update soon! Love your art.

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Shadow: But I didn't get you anything.

Maria: *Pulls him closer* Oh, that's okay. I can think of a few things you can do right now to make it up to me~

**Both lean in closer**

Sonic from the other side of the room: HEY! HEY! HEY!! NO! NOT ON MY COUCH!! GO GET A ROOM!!

Everyone else: LMAO

Shadow and Maria: **Dies of embarrassment**

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I didn’t expect that, but face Maria being so irritated, it’s something you see every day, but fantastic, she’s a great artist, even with respect.

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and i got you nothing. so sorry

BriannaBellerose's avatar

I have never seen an irritated Maria before. It looks both intimidating and kinds funny.

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Bro this got me in the feels

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aww this really cute love it it beautifulPearl Emote 43

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I love her expression in the second panel! Laugh Even when she looks annoyed, she still can't look truly upset! :dummy:

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uh oh... shadow is starting to become like Sheldon Cooper when Penny got him a gift

LiyuConberma's avatar

Nah, Shadow is gotta be much smoother than Sheldon XD

IllusionedDrawer64's avatar

Now if he wears a fedora, I would mistake him for being Tom Baker

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Well Done!


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AWW... Shadow... Has he never received a gift like that scarf before? I'm crying...

Maria's just so sweet... That scarf is AMAZING.

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I’m glad she’s not forcing him into doing the activities. He should be able to enjoy himself however he wants.

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I wish Maria Robotnik become hedgehog on real game.

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Aww, so sweet 🥲

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Is their mistletoe moment coming up?

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Shadow is so CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the First Chibi(?)panel may me laugh, the Second panel with Shadow's 'I'm too Cool to be here' and Maria's Face made it.

going to assume that this is Shadow's First X-Mas Gift, and that will be revealed next page.

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Awwww~!!! That is so cute, I really love seeing Shadow and Maria have happy moments together. I really like the look of the scarf it really has all of Maria love in each stitch, it kind of reminds me of the 4th Doctors scarf from Doctor Who. Thank you for this new page.

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