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Maria's First Christmas Pg27

By LiyuConberma
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Yes, THIS is still continued!

Staying at home in long term definitely a first in all of our lives (usually 4 months summer vacation from college WAS the longest lol), but it's all about safety and hopefully this will be over soon. Until then, hope you enjoy this page and the upcoming page/works (which I can guarantee you will like) ;)

Me, on the other hand, is lucky to have a stable job to live by at the moment in this pandemic, but it's no easy task since it slowly messed up my sleeping cycle. Long story short, try to go out and do some exercise! XD

Drew/colored with CLIP STUDIO PAINT (HIGHLY recommend it! Get it when it's on sale!)

:iconherospeedplz: Previous Pages:  Maria's First Christmas Pg26 by LiyuConberma

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Shadow the Hedgehog,Maria Robotnik, and the characters in the BG belong to :iconsegaplz: and (OLD) Sonic Archie

Maria's hedgehog form, and the story belong to me :iconliyuconberma:

Story edited by Ghost Writer
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I just saw Charmy and Saffron. She's okay in this timeline! I know, there is a lot of stuff happening but ... Gosh. Everytime I look at your artwork, Liyu, I always find something that distracts me from the main picture. I'm sorry but your an amazing artist that makes your watchers look at every nook and cranny for easter eggs in these pictures.

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Glad you are keeping t’is up.

see “t’what“ I did there

BriannaBellerose's avatar

Take your time! This is soooo worth the wait!

Bettle-Mask's avatar

Why haven't they been under the mistletoe yet?!

Also, I believe the first pages need to be rebooted.

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am a bit curios as why maria is a hedgehog too

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I love your work!

Good. Very Good!!!

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Your comics are always so colorful. I love how you keep doing that.

pandabearsarecool's avatar
Good Maria, he looked a little to smug fro just chilling there.
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Only you could turn edgelord Shadow the Hedgehog into a soft boi. 💖💖💖

Flordeoro's avatar

I love Shadows surprise expretion

kaylon5's avatar
I love this art 10 out of 10
sirenthedutchie's avatar

i think your rating scale is broken- it should read 12/10 lol

rbennett8799's avatar
Adorable but on a side note I love the scarf owo
nightthevampire's avatar

;w; she got him a scarf

lrlowmanswest's avatar

PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!!! We've all waited sooo long... and there are sooo many things we don't know yet. BUT WE REALLY WANT TO!!!!! Thank you 😭❣

Lossetta's avatar

I spy Manic? Then where's Sonia?

ARTHURDPA1309's avatar

...I think we all know where this is going

LambdaRebel69's avatar

Good to see you're still here.

wolfra315's avatar

it looks like the aurora borealis

Midnight3Wonder's avatar

Present time! Present time! Open it up and see what's inside!

If anyone remembers what that's from, you are awesome!

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Blues Clues

aka My Childhood

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