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Maria's First Christmas Pg26

By LiyuConberma
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Man, I hope you guys like this Christmas gift and trust me, I had been staying up all night and struggling with this double-page width and the setting. Lots of experimenting with the brushes here and there and a HUGE thumbs-up worthy update from Clip Studio Paint actually made my work much easier!

Either way, and as always, stay safe while have fun with your friends and family! Me, on the other hand, I'm going to bed!

Drew/colored with CLIP STUDIO PAINT (HIGHLY recommend it! Get it when it's on sale!)

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Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Maria Robotnik belong to :iconsegaplz: and (OLD) Sonic Archie

Maria's hedgehog form, and the story belong to me :iconliyuconberma:

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The story is back!

BriannaBellerose's avatar

You never cease to amaze me.

Is this Clip Studio thing still on sale? Because I was thinking of upgrading from

LiyuConberma's avatar

Not at this moment but keep an eye to their site, they put on sale quite often, and usually half price off! ;) Just make sure you meet their minimum requirement.

BriannaBellerose's avatar

💙 Ok. Thank you. 💙

JakBrasil's avatar

Great fantastic ..... will be more ?

MerrySonic's avatar

Happy new year is very beautiful ☺️

Bettle-Mask's avatar

I'm glad to see these two love birds are back.

Dementia27's avatar

Beautiful romance :love:

JanikaCheetah's avatar
LiyuConberma's avatar

To be honest, I wasn't thinking much when I drew those Chao angels lol but they are still cute irl !

Humble-3's avatar

Beautiful work!

I'm too late for Christmas wishes, but I wish you and your loved ones a cozy and happy New Year!

JanikaCheetah's avatar

Awwww! Little angel chao! I need one of those for my Christmas tree. He'll do any number of things to make her happy, won't he? .......but he'd better watch where he's putting that right hand of his. I don't entirely trust him.

Marzycielka2's avatar

It's beautiful Usagi Heart Eyes Icon You made the perfect Christmas gift :love:Shadow and Maria are very cute together :love:Let them be happy forever, they both deserve it

Bullbustriano's avatar

about DAMN time

Dude this is awesome

pandabearsarecool's avatar
She so happy to put it on!
rbennett8799's avatar
Merry Christmas and awesome way to put up a star
angela808's avatar

Yay a update Id miss shadow and maria comic

Joseph-Joeclone's avatar

Yay! Merry Christmas!

gig27's avatar

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year

PhatPandaPo23's avatar

Awesomely cool page. Happy holidays to you.

marlenih's avatar

yay but no christmas tree for us because christmas got ruined for us and also it didn't snow double aww

smf-064's avatar

I like naira design she looks cute hedgehog form.

wolfra315's avatar

aww its sweet and terrific lighting its as if the star is actually glowing

ilovecartoonsgirl's avatar

And the star is on the tree! What a lovely page and Merry Christmas!

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