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Maria's First Christmas Pg14


Ok, guys. I know this is not a two-pages page, but due to my application and preparation for internship. So the process is pretty slow. Please understand my situation, SO PLEASE DON'T FORCE ME A DEADLINE TO CONTINUE WHICH COMIC! I love you guys and your great support, but I have my own college workload

Nevertheless, I will continue "Maria's First Christmas", hopefully I could make more soon. Until then, enjoy this page and look forward for an update. Just don't urge me, people!

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Sally Acorn, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Maria Robotnik belong to :iconsegaplz:

Maria's hedgehog form and the story belong to me :iconliyuconberma:
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Herobrine1087's avatar

I relate to shadow so much

CherrytheCat76's avatar
Wow everyone's hating on Sally for this! XP
I just found it funny. Shadow and Maria are so cute. XD
The edgy hedgie is way thrown off by a girl. I love it. 
rose-dash's avatar
That face you make when someone steals your girl for a damned errand...
00RockerOn's avatar
She's planning something...
Chilly4's avatar
No wonder why Sally is a bitch.
LukeAlanBundesen's avatar
How? She's giving Shadow & Maria some alone time.
Chilly4's avatar
It's just because she interupted them for no reason. That's pretty much it.
Xara-The-Dragon's avatar
sally, you cockblocker!
Chaotik900's avatar
looks like shadow about to pull out a can of whoop ass.
That-Purple-Dude's avatar
Shadow 316 says I just whooped that ass
Chilly4's avatar
And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.
Flordeoro's avatar
Sally is so smart. She did it to let them alone jijiji
EthanTavitas's avatar
I like the "just like it" saying.
GingitoGraphics's avatar
Oh my lordiness, this is fantastic!
ThelVoramee's avatar
Wow, Sally did NOT just do that!
(Pushes Shadow and Maria)
Shadster01's avatar
That Shadow's faces XD . Perfect
This comic is cute as well: 3
Maria looks cute when she smiles like that.😄
The way Maria's designed, it almost looks like she's Amy's identical sister, or something.
AidenUmbra's avatar
Sally you cock blocker! XD...i swear I just imagined her pulling something like that on every couple in that party x3
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