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[FAKE ANIME] Trails and Glacia's First Meeting

By LiyuConberma
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Sorry if this isn't the latest page of either "Teen's/Children's Play", but this is also an interesting project. One that I hoped to do more in the future!

The new TP page is in progress, but sadly this one has backgrounds involved, which I'm weak at, thus taking more time than usual.

I know more than one of you have asked about how Trails and Glacia met, well, I DON'T have a full story on how they met, BUT I have this cute scenes in mind and wanna express in good old traditional anime style. (cause who DOESN'T love anime?!) Hopefully a full story about this meeting would be made soon, but until then, I'm in the middle of a long-going project and ENJOY!

Trails and Glacia are both 4 YEARS OLD here! Though Trails is possibly a couple months older than Glacia.

I learnt how to paint this with Clip Studio Paint (my personal favourite drawing software) through this link:….

The instruction is clear and well instructed, so I highly recommended this tutorial if any of you owns CSP PRO/EX.

Hopefully there would be more of [FAKE ANIME] screenshots in the future, because I'm loving this effect. ;)

Trails and Glacia are created by ME! :iconliyuconberma:
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The love is bloom!

They will be marriage and stay together until death!

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that looks freakin AMAZING!

they look so cute

I swear everytime Liyu uploads, her art feels like a treat to my eyes

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October... so there is hope, good to know

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I'm curious. What inspired you to create this whole new world?

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Is Glacia also a fox?

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:U still need to know what Sonics look was for in teens play and still need to know where chuck and Jules (I think that’s his name) are going in children’s play

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You should work for TMS

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Babies. The both of them. <3

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True love at first sight...under the moonlight.

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I love it. Trails looks so cute in his little outfit. So let me ask you this. How exactly did Darren and Eliza come across Trails? I remember reading on the timeline that they came across him in the woods during one of their walks together when he was a baby. Knowing Eliza's heart, she took him in with no hesitation whatsoever and I know Athena was more then welcoming to the idea of a future grandson. Darren needed to get warmed up to the idea and a little help from a certain uncle of his. (By the way, that contract that Darren has with Rakar, why am I sensing a Hercules moment where someone {preferably Trails since he knows about the deal} will take a hit Rakar meant for Darren, and then he'd be free of the contract. Oh well. I can just dream about it.)

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This is lovely

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Oh my godddd, they're so cute!! 💖❤💖❤✨
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where'd you come up with this amazing idea of a scene?

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It just pops in my head, plus I just love drawing expressions!

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This is so cute! I love how expressive they both are. Even for the Ice Princess who’s culture frowns upon showing emotions.
Though, I remember seeing this in, I think, all the pics I’ve seen of Trails, but I’m curious as to why he only has three fingers (four including the thumb) instead of the normal five-finger hands everyone else (excluding Benonic) seem to have?
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In a way, there IS a reason to WHY Trails only has four fingers unlike others, but this would be explained (not quite fully in details i guess) in the future of "Teen's Play" ;)

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Oh! Then I will wait. ^v^

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Awwwww Trails finded someone for hiiiim, how cuuuuuuute :heart: :heart:

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This scene is so beautiful. Trails looks so cute, so enthusiastic, and Glacia blushing under the moonlight, in the garden. Looks like an anime scene, like, the setup I can imagine it in an anime

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