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[FAKE ANIME] An Innocent Question

By LiyuConberma
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Ok, ok, ok, I KNOW it's December and "Maria's First Christmas" is what you think of first! Don't worry, the new page just finished inking, I just need to colour it, and I have reasons why it took this long.

At the first of December, lots of things happened IRL, such as Christmas preparation, job deadline, sewing etc. In a way, I spent more time in reality than on computer screen.

Anyway, this is also something I have wanted to draw, especially in FAKE ANIME style. Getting Benonic and Carrie embarrassed/speechless. LOL Cause I love this couple so much, definitely one of my top 3 shippings!

If you couldn't guess, this is based on an unspoken scene in this chapter of "Secret of Wings" (it's REALLY a small mention, but totally worth it):  Secret of the Wings Chapter 4
Secret of the Wings Part 4

By Arecus Conberma (Liyu Conberma)

Sapphire would have been in the midst of a dream after they’d returned to the bed for nearly fifteen minutes, but she knew her husband was still awake. He pressed close to her back, fingers thoughtfully running down one long length of her quills over and over.
“Kaze, if you can’t sleep, just tell me what’s on your mind.”
His hand stilled and after a few seconds he gave a sigh. “Masks, I suppose.”
The answer was unexpected and she shifted to see his troubled, multi-coloured eyes. “Masks?”
“I watched my father die, Sapphire,” he whispered, propping himself up on one elbow. “I was very good at running away from that pain, never facing it. Whenever I couldn’t fly off, I put on a mask to hide from it. After…after what happened on Mobius, I couldn’t resort to that at all. I tried to stop feeling anything and every

Hope you enjoy this for a while, and fingers crossed I could get the latest page of "Maria's First Christmas" soon, hopefully within next week.

Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs belong to :iconsegaplz:

Benonic the Hedgehog and Carrie the Rabbit belong to ME :iconliyuconberma:
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shy wedding would have both bride and groom unite instead of kissing but by eye contact.

"you may now look at the bride"

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Dah dah dah!

The question that launches a thousand other questions...

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AWW! Babies! <3

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*Reads Description* Not quite what I've been waiting for... (She's a little confused but she's got the spirit)

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Why do I have a feeling that grandma Athena is nearby, hoping for an answer?

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Me encantoooooo

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*the fandom sitting with smug looks on their faces*

Yes, do tell us when.

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Where's that damn To Be Continued arrow when you need it?

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Ah so I am not the only one hearing Roundabout huh?

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I see your a man of culture as well

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Also a man of culture I see hmm?

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This made me have a 10 minute giggle fit. Then when I came back to it later I just started right back up again.

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Kids are very blunt, aren't they? So cute! :D

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i love how the sun light just makes the moment so precious i can tell it took time to do this i love this couple prob one of my fav and i cant wait to see another one of your great posts

because your



and just a great artist!!!

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That's precious AF
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Hey, I'm just glad to hear you're alive, doing well, and still creative. I can wait on stuff. Either way, this is a really cute scene.

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can't wait 4 UR next post

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They are pure, as much as they are innocent. Makes me want to hug and snuggle them! Well Done!! :clap:

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