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Children's Play Issue 2 Page 13

By LiyuConberma
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Sorry, this was supposedly uploaded on Tuesday, but you've already saw my Rakar and Pokemon LOL So just wanna keep it in balance!

I have been experimenting :iconherms85: 's colouring technique, quite an unique study and I learnt quite a lot on colouring/shading feature on my drawing software, so that's why it took me a while to colour this page because of the new change of vibrant colour and organizing the colour palette. It also takes some time to get used to the phase.

And the next one hopefully a new page of "Teen's Play", and any other random Sonic fanart, either way, I know you guys would enjoy nonetheless ;)

:iconheropowerplz:Previous Page:  Children's Play Issue 2 Page 12 by LiyuConberma

:iconherospeedplz: Next Page: Coming Soon!

Story and art by ME :iconliyuconberma:

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver belong to :iconsegaplz:

Jules, Chuck, and Bernie belong to old Archie comic
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© 2020 - 2021 LiyuConberma
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Dude I love this comic keep it up and I can't wait to see the rest of the story

wataru01's avatar

When is the next chapter coming.

OldFashionedBoots's avatar

Ah, it makes me really happy to know this comic is continuing! Please take your time, there's no rush ^-^

xJustARandomDude's avatar
When's the next one coming?
LiyuConberma's avatar

I wish to get Maria Christmas comic done first.

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CrystalFrost7's avatar

At this rate, I'm guessing their lying to Sonic about him being their son and he knows who is real parents are. I know that's far fetched but it would make more sense than what's going on right now with both Triple SSS's.

230kittygamer's avatar

I would ask for an update, but it looks like people already have!

EDIT: Oof, forgot to turn italics off.

FirepawThunderclan's avatar

So glad I got to see more, can't wait for the rest!

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I love your work of this 2 part comics you did and I love that sonic,shadow, and silver are really brothers and princes from another dimension and maybe this might help try make sonic’s dad no uncle to see blaze the cat she might help this problem and mystery and she might see the our heros in other dimension to help them and like this ide let see a younger Dr. Ivo Robotnic Eggman how he is in involve the sonic we knew that raise by sonic other parents and the others too and Ivo got to modius and as we know him be as eggman the evil Sciencets I you like my idea please and thank you to think about.

marlenih's avatar

when are you going to update childrens play

sonic7emeralds2475's avatar

Wherever they feel like it

NSgatvol's avatar

Please dont cancel the comic I love just like the murder of me and some others that are better the the new sonic comic

asdfmaster234's avatar

I just recently got into the Archie comics a month or so ago (I've been a long-time sonic fan, mostly the games)

Anyways I love this comic so much. Little SSS are just so freaking cute

AlitaWolf's avatar

Hello, LiyuConberma. Sorry to bother you, I would like your permission to publish a translation of your comic. I understand if you don't agree. Your permission is very important to me. And of course with your name as the author.

ZelodolonGirl's avatar

Where is Jules going?

turkey18eye's avatar

What do you think, he's going to where he found sonic

Pokespecshipper's avatar

...from the great war?

NSgatvol's avatar

can you dub your comic too

NSgatvol's avatar

Hi I love your comic Just like the murder of me and evee evolotion squad and ghost of the futer and let me out roaring can you dub your comic like the others do

wisperwolff's avatar

Ooooooo! Charles your busted bro. lamo!

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