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Children's Play Issue 2 Page 11

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© 2020 LiyuConberma

OMG!! When was the last time I upload a new page for this, months??! That's a record LOL

I hope this newly update cheers you up in this gloomy time.

Sorry for taking too long for this, but I needed to take some time off from the fandom, there were writer's block, unexpected life events going on and now stress about quarantine etc. But most importantly, it's I've been trying a new coloring technique that potentially saved me time, and especially with my newly obtained cintiq, I could draw more faster and efficient.

Anyway, here's the update, and hopefully the next page of "Teen's Play" won't take too long...

P.S: The panel at the bottom was reference from Sonic Archie Comic Issue 241, including that Sonic-head-mailbox.

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:iconherospeedplz: Next Page: Coming Soon!

Story and art by ME :iconliyuconberma:

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver belong to :iconsegaplz:

Jules, Chuck, and Bernie belong to old Archie comic
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Cool it really look like an Archie comic
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Toshi-the-Panda-1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I needed this...I need more sweet and wholesome stuff like this. Its the good, valid food! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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CalorieneNew Deviant

Omg,Sonic and Silver....#:floating: Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

Shadows expression is priceless he seems satisfied don't he

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BluetitaStudent Artist
My heart.... I’ve been stabbed with pure cuteness oof -dies- this is too precious for words ;v; <3 i almost screamed when I saw an update xD lovin it all<333
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DUDE! I swear I thought this was abandoned and I was really upset, but I'm so glad you're back!:clap: :w00t: :happybounce:

Also, I think the new coloring looks great. It kinda gives it that modern remastered look if you know what I mean. I love that mailbox too.

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CalorieneNew Deviant


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You are my favorite artist by the way. It was this comic that got me so hooked onto this fandom. God bless you

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BabyWerehogNew Deviant


It happened! One more page! God bless you for this comic!

And it's so adorable! Especially lil' Silver shared his finger with Sonic! So sweet! <3

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AkrazyKatNew Deviant

Man this book is the best! When it is finished i hope i could find all the pages and print it and have a book! This whole book (or well the work in progress) melted my heart. This is the best comic i have ever read in my life. And im not lying it's true no comic made me feel like this and want more. Like i said when it's done i'm gonna use all the ink in the printer to print this out.

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Sonic sucking silver's thumb was so adorable and funny, Who's the baby there? XD
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Yay an update! I love this series!

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my heart is being melted by the sight of Sonic and Sliver, griped by the emotions displayed in the sec panel, and filled with nostalgia by the view of the third panel:meow: :happybounce:

basically it's amazing

also it's okay Liyu, I think your average comic uploading time is around 6 months anyway, anything before that is just bless

KARAandHARMONIE's avatar

I agree with everything!

Liyu, just keep doing what you love, we'll support you!

TealHedgie's avatar

I understand, I hope everything is well with you and that you and your loved ones are keeping yourselves safe, thank you for the new page, please take your time with these comics, life can make anyone busy, I know because it keeps me busy without realizing :D

stay safe!

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angela808Hobbyist Artist

Keep those sonic comic pg coming

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skydow16 General Artist

That is an interesting looking mail box XD

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XieridHobbyist General Artist

ja ja ja Sonic ¿Que estas haciendo?

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The first thing than I thought of was that Jules was remembering when Sonic was a child. But then I remembered that Jules and Bernardette were roboticized when Sonic was a baby, so they never lived those moments with Sonic.

So I feel that Jules is now taking that opportunity to live with the children what they did not live with their son. Also I love the image of the two Jules, show me his soul under his body

I really dont know to draw but the image looks so alive

bubblegumPOP12's avatar
bubblegumPOP12New Deviant

I think only Jules was robotified, not his wife to

Flordeoro's avatar

Nop, Bernardette was roboticized but she and the other ones returns to be mobians. Only Jules is still a robot

bubblegumPOP12's avatar
bubblegumPOP12New Deviant

Ok thx for the clear up

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AnimeFan299110Hobbyist Writer

Baby Silver sharing his other thumb with cute!!!

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Don’t play with my heart like this! You’re going to give me a heart attack from this cuteness 🥰

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