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Benonic's REMODELED Daggers

By LiyuConberma
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EDIT: OMG! I can't believe I uploaded the WRONG file! So sorry, guys! I was tired and scheduled this upload like last week, I thought I uploaded the latest design, but apparently not. Anyway, hope you will like these REAL designs! Have a good weekend!

Ok, I CAN'T believe I never noticed this before, but I have been reimagining myself to hold those "original" daggers in Ben's hands recently, and found out they were IMPOSSIBLE to hold on to!! XD

But keep in mind, when I designed those daggers in the first place, they were very, VERY rough concept, I never put much thought on their functionality. Welp, better late than never, I guess! And 2021 shows some changes not only on the designs, but the way I upload the comic pages, which HOPEFULLY you guys will like and support the change.

The new addition of knock out powder is more aiming at harmless enemies or non-threatening ones such as thieves, thugs that usually fight with fists or fallen armed enemies.

Alongside with the new changes are the creed written in runes and Cosium crest that showed on the daggers as symbolism of Protector Assassin of Cosium.

Thanks and once again HAPPY 2021!!!!

Benonic the Hedgehog and the daggers design belong to ME :iconliyuconberma: !!
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I’m super on edge, because why would you be focusing on Benonic’s weapon designs if you weren’t brewing up a chapter where he’s gonna need to use them?! But I am loving this new design.

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*tries to imagine the grip you would have to have to hold the old designs* ... Oh my gosh- ^^; Well, I'm glad you adjusted them to something I'm guessing is a thousand times easier!

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OH MY CHAOS! The redesign of the daggers looks amazing! You did an amazing job!
Bonnalina101's avatar

Do my eyes deceive me or is that Benonic with normal eyes?

idijacreepy's avatar

So cool ! Can't wait ti see other chainges or re style !

Blizzard-and-Friends's avatar

Ooh these are BEAUTIFUL designs! Well done.

Knock-out powder is unexpected but a nice addition to the new design.

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Ooh, knockout powder! That's one cool addition.
Also, these new ones look more royal.
FlameShadoFireDragon's avatar
So.. Shellin... Cool!!!!!! 😱🤩
Bluetita's avatar
Perfect to cut birthday cakes :> and some cheese maybe UvU can’t fight crime on an empty stomach
Aurora-La's avatar

it's so funny seeing this one first and not even knowing what the first upload looked like x'DD

JanikaCheetah's avatar

LOL, it looked like the handles were just put on the opposite direction. Almost no difference except for the shape of the ruby blade.

AnaidD4's avatar

will we ever see the end of your comics? you know, know if one day we will know what happened to rakar? our three hedgehogs? and the rest?

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Oh my... This is just great and beautiful :D This powder and the Assassin's creed are great :D I'd soo like to see this daggers during some Benonic fight ;)

Don't worry about a mistake, it can happen to anyone and your projects are great in each version :)

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So Benonic also has a creed huh? Very interesting! I like them!

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The only thing bothering me is that the green daggers hilt seems so much smaller compared to the red ones, otherwise they are beautifully improved.

LiyuConberma's avatar

LOL Duly noted, this is just a design, so the size can be easily changed. Otherwise, thanks for the notice!

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Not to be rude but I like these Daggers better than the original. Sorry to everyone that liked the original daggers.

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"No Place For A Hero" playing in my head
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I never noticed that they would be hard to handle because I was thinking of how Bens one hand is, so having this pointed out left me reeling XD great job!

Marzycielka2's avatar

Looks sooo cool :D

Does that mean that new pages for your comic book will be coming soon? XD XD XD

It would be wonderful :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

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