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Evil Creatures Brushes

:star:Evil creatues brushes :D
I hope you like it and could use it.
:star:13 brushes

Please comment and fave if you download...

Link to your work if you use it please :)
Ill love to see it :) and ill fave it
Fractal background by me..
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Used your wonderful brushes here..Thanks so…
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:plotting: now... what to do...

oh! would you like to be one of my evil minions??

pretty pretty please with a cherry on top...?

(by the way i have cookies...)
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Adorable yet wicked.
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Evil? I think they're kinda cute =D
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Ooh these are nice!
I am totally loving these icons. They aren't over elaborate, but they are wonderfully done. Awesome work!
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Thanks a lot for your Brushes :D
Used Here [link]
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Great Thanks!
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Hello !
Used your brushes here
This was a first version and I just loved how they looked :lol:

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I tried using your picture with my story but it did'nt quite work , but if you have time let me know how to input it there it would be a good additive i think

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OOOh Spooky, and just in time for Halloween. Thank you can't wait to use them!
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Thanks a lot :D
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Very welcome :)
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Very useful, just downloaded it, how long do these thing take to put together?
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In your photoshop??
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I mean, how long did it take you to assemble these ones, for the pack.
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Mmmm like 10 minutes not much :) im sorry if i didnt get it XD
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It's fine, don't worry about it, thanks for the help.
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thanks for sharing:D
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