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HTC Mondrian Concept PSD


I have created a concept for the first Windows Phone 7 devices codenamed Mondrian by HTC. It is largely inspired by the design of the HTC Touch Diamond, which is generally regarded as the most beautiful phone HTC ever made.

This is the PSD file, there is also a high-resolution PNG. Also check out my Apple iPhone 4 PSD.


If you like my work and want to support me, please add a favourite :+fav:. To stay updated you can follow me on Twitter.

Enjoy and leave feedback!
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could i use your design for commercial purpose ?
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Contact me (see other reply).
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...if only it were real...
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beautiful! amazingly detailed :)
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Thanks! I'll be updating this soon as I have learned a lot since I made it ;)
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i look forward to seeing how you can possibly make it better :)
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that's perfect!
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Now HTC should make their Windows Phone 7 devices like this ;)

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Nicely done. Very clean .PSD, lots of detail, you added the keyboard, which is a big bonus. (Kinda wish it wasn't in one layer though.) The logo and interface buttons are a bit inner shadowed, but that's just the critique part. Overall, a very clean and layer organized file. +fav
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Well, I just cut the keyboard from the Touch Pro, so that's why it's in one layer, if you mean this. And the inner shadow is intended.

Anyway, thanks for you feedback and fav :)
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If only this was HTC's actual design instead of a fan-made concept art, I'd buy the TP3 :)
Excellent work on the design - it fits fairly well with HTC's minimalistic style, especially because of the softly rounded corners.
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Thanks a lot :)
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