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My game will suffer slight changes,as now I am fnilly starting to develop it.
After starting to make it on Unity,I decided that:

Bullet; BlackThere will now be only one main character,that means that the 4 of the original five will not be playable anymore.But don't worry,you can still see them!

Bullet; BlackI plan on changing the name from "I am Sigma" to "Sigma and the Time Core"

Bullet; BlackI also plan a morality system for the game,it will add EDGE to the game!It will work this way:

1.The player  will start out in a neutral stage
2.After passing the first stage a cutscene will be presented
3.After the cutscene plays will be offered to you 3 choices,one good,one neutral,and other evil
4.You will be taken to the good,neutral or evil variant of the next stage,depending on your choice
5.This process repeat until the final stage
6.The final stage morality will set the final for you

Bullet; BlackI plan that the neutral stages could be easier than the good or evil stages,but the good and evil stages could be more rewarding

Bullet; BlackI plan that if you have at least 1 save slot of each morality,you will unlock the true ending,where you will fight the titan of chaos,The Major Doom

That it is for today!

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