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Cat-Woman splashing into milky light

Same scene as the previous one, but a background emitter and the bloom filter enabled.
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Leshiye-Art's avatar
I love this render! Stunning :) The skin is super realistic!
Livius70's avatar
Thank you so much ! Glad you like it ! :)
Beautiful girl with ears. Very good render.
Livius70's avatar
Thank you ! Glad you like it ! :)
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
I like how the pale background seems to soften her appearance even more...
but I'm not a fan of the pale background itself. I find the darker version to be
much kinder on my eyes, which are strained by overly pale backgrounds.

Even so, this is still well deserving of its fave!
Livius70's avatar
Yes, that was exactly my intention: the pale backlight will soften her appearance.
Thank you very much ! :)
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
If that was your intention, then you succeeded beautifully!
You're very welcome! :)
Neuroheaven99's avatar
Really nice and original character.
Amazing face and eyes!
Livius70's avatar
Many thanks ! Really appreciated !
Kooki99's avatar
Nice one, Liv, the emitter adds very well
Maybe try to push the SSS a bit on the ears to enhance the "light from behind" effect
Livius70's avatar
Thank you very much !
Yes, I think you are right, I should push the SSS a bit up, especially to compensate the increased thickness of the ears.
ThierryCravatte's avatar
Fantastic render ! That skin, man ... fabulous ! very intriguing character, too !!
Livius70's avatar
Thank you very much ! It's a real honor for me to receive such a great comment, especially when it comes from you ! :)
ThierryCravatte's avatar
You're most welcome !
Feel-ine's avatar
Really my favorite ... a lot of sweetness
And skin rendering is very realistic
You really work well this character
I really likeClap Clap Clap 
Livius70's avatar
Thank you so much, Feel-ine ! :) I'm glad you like it ! Hug 
thegirlcansmile's avatar
how on earth do you get the light and skin like this?? im kind of new to 3D, but I do have daz....but this seriously blows me away, I will never be able to do this lol. 
Livius70's avatar
For the skin I use a very good shader (audioslave74's "NGS Anagenessis 2 - Revolution", available on DAZ3D Shop).
And for the back light I used a background emitter and the Iray bloom effect enabled.

PS: And so you know, flattery not gonna get you an extra bucket of ben and jerry cinnamon buns ! :P
thegirlcansmile's avatar
you could have just as well talked Italian to me... :D lol, im gonna educate myself!

Oh flattery takes me nowhere? seriously dude? my world view has changed.... 
Livius70's avatar
Sorry about that, I didn't mean to shake your world, but it's time for you to grow up ! :P
thegirlcansmile's avatar
what, it is? I can't be a kid anymore????
Livius70's avatar
Sorry, but it's not up to me: Mother Nature laws ! ;)
thegirlcansmile's avatar
i'm sure she can make an exception for me, we are on good terms :) 
Livius70's avatar
Well, in this case I don't interfere anymore and I'll leave you two to handle this.
Anyway, NO MORE FREE ICE CREAM FOR YOU !!! :angry: At least not from me ! Nana, look what I have and you dont! 
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