Urge to Kill... Rising. Again.

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If one more person lectures me about animal abuse in the comments on my Beating a Dead Horse emoticon, I swear to Harold my head is going to explode.

I need a "It's just an expression, people, get the fug over yourselves" stamp. Please, I beg of you. Assuage my agony. It doesn't have to be in those words. It just has to convey that message to keep me sane.

And possibly to link future such commentors to because I don't think I can stand to answer them in complete sentences anymore.

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Just go on about how tasty horse is and how fun it is to beat it, and then they'll stop, or get even more angrier. :lol:

But beating a live horse is mean. :< YOU EVIL PERSON.

Justk idding. :glomp:
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:giggle: Brilliant idea. :glomp:
popcorn-pops's avatar
:giggle: I say it should go into action immediately. :nod:
FrisianDude's avatar
Not only nagging about your deviations, but also about your daily dee'd.
livius's avatar
Oh well, they're entitled. I guess some people don't have much taste for classic emoticons. ;)
FrisianDude's avatar
True, but there's no need to bother the artist about that.
livius's avatar
Very much agreed. They should take it out on me. It's part of the job, as far as I'm concerned, and the artist had no choice. :no:
FrisianDude's avatar
Well, take it out... more that they should convince you to DD something else. =p
livius's avatar
I'm pretty easy to convince, too. :D
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Is there a basic stamp background anywhere that I can use, or do I have to make the whole thing from scratch?
livius's avatar
I know it's out there somewhere, but I can find it, darnitall. :blush:
beeswarm17's avatar
No problem. Thanks for trying. Now that I think about it, I could probably just save any stamp and edit it in photoshop. I'll see if that works.
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Of course, I don't actually believe that.
Rants are win.

You should just name and shame them as arrogant, like make a list of everyone who's mentioned it.
That might make people leave you alone.

Although fighting them could inspire more trouble if word gets out to people who dont know.

I need to think plans out more.
livius's avatar
:lol: Probably so, but the initial brainstorming is still a blast to read. :glomp:
TheTrueDanteSparda's avatar
There's an idea in there somewhere, it just needs refining!

Get me 4 goats, two blocks of cheese and a sledgehammer. I think we'll have our way then.
livius's avatar
Make it 2 goats and 2 sheep and you have a deal. :highfive:
TheTrueDanteSparda's avatar
I think I can do something with that *beardstroke*
GeneratingHype's avatar
I hate to laugh at your pain and frustration, but my God! Ahahahah! Still? That is both beautiful and terrifying.

I hope you get your stamp, although I think that you should completely change your stance and tell them that you even beat a real horse dead just so you could have a model to create the emoticon and make it true to life.

Then reply with a smiley face to every response they make after that.

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:lol: I love that plan! You are a devious genius. :worship:
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:icondoublefacepalmplz: This is why I hate most kinds of political correctness.
koffeeben's avatar
Next I will be getting a lecture on how a pile o' dead corpses creates unneccesary desensitization.
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