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In the past 6 days since I've been browsing all the Icon sections assiduously, I've noticed a disturbing trend: the download to comment/fave ratio for icons is insanely disproportionate.  It's not uncommon to see figures like 2000 downloads, 5 comments, 2 faves.  

That means literally thousands of people like the art enough to snag it for themselves, but not enough to express a word of appreciation.  Granted, many of those downloaders may be visitors, but I'm sure there are at least hundreds of dA members among them.  

I suspect it's the eternal battle between art and artisanship  at the heart of this.  If you use it, you're less inclined to comment on it as art, less inclined to notice the artist, less inclined to thank him or her for beautifying your daily routine.

So, this is my appeal to all y'all icon lovers out there: say something!  Support the artist, show your love, reject the hoary old distinctions between art for use and art for viewing.  You don't have to wax poetic.  Even an "Oo! Cool! Using it." would be a vast improvement over the eerie silence that reigns now.

To get a feel for some of the gorgeousness you might have missed out on in the Icons gallery, check out Skin Deep, an article by abhimanyughoshal and ipholio which showcases customization gems.

Oh, and don't be shy about noting me any suggestions you have for DD's anywhere in the Icons gallery.  This is an equal opportunity operation here.  :)

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I know that my comment is rather late to the party, but yes, I agree with this sentiment.  As an artist that puts out work, I starve for feedback and critique, and it's only a handful of people that comment, and it's usually just my friends that do so.

Another thing I need to bring up is lack of feedback from the opposing party.  It seems that both parties seem to vocalize their frustrations within their own echo chambers.  Here, we voice the frustration over drive-by :+fav:ings with no comments and/or critique.  And on the other end of the spectrum, there are people that put this out:
Don't Thank Me Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko
Don't Thank Me Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko
The sad thing is that WE both exist within our own respective echo chambers, and yet none of us make the effort to reach out to the opposing party and attempt to parley.