7 Deadly Sins, Gluttony - Icons, Pixel Art and D
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In honor of deviantART's seventh anniversary, the Icons, Dolls, and Pixel Art galleries are throwing a Rabelaisian festival of gluttonous excess.  Just make any icon and/or any pixel drawing with a gluttony theme over the next 7 days and win one of our fabulous prizes:

  • :bulletred: A 12 month sub for each of 3 first place winners
  • :bulletblue: A 6 month sub for each of 2 second place winners
  • :bulletpurple: A 3 month sub for each of 2 third place winners.
  • :bulletgreen: All 7 winners get their choice of a lanyard or a patch.

The rules:

  • :bulletred: Entries can be made from any and all category of icons, pixel art and dolls.
  • :bulletblue: The deadline for all entries is August 14th.
  • :bulletpurple: Note livius or ShoneGold a link to your entry.

The Seven Deadly judges:

beblue, ensellitis, FantasyStockAvatars, gas13, mykel, parliamentFunk, Skull-X.

Whether it's an emoticon endlessly stuffing his face or a vast pixel art banquet, a scrumptious dozen of Krispy Kreme dock icons or a doll made solely out of foodstuffs, a bloated avatar who bit off more than he could chew or a pixel character who can eat whatever she wants without gaining a pound, just follow your stomach and show the world that when it comes to overindulgence, the big guys ain't got nuthin' on the tiniest.  :#1:
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I'll join...
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escaniveHobbyist Digital Artist
And I'm to late ... :cry:
Darkangel-Axelbel's avatar
yay! I'll give it a shot
tho if by any miracle I succeed (in other words never, just asking by curiosity) I won't ask for the lanyard nor a patch...is it possible to only have a subscription? that is if I'm among the 7 (which again, I highly doubt...)
Benjigarner's avatar
BenjigarnerHobbyist Interface Designer
I've participate :)
Nice Contest ;)
Mrcrapinson's avatar
MrcrapinsonStudent Digital Artist
I'll try to participate if we can set up our computer before the deadline hits :B
FrisianDude's avatar
I say, this project surely appeals to me. I shall make an entry.
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pixie773Student General Artist
I'm a gonna try .<3.
golio514's avatar
Oh oh oh!
I want to join!
Can it be animated??
deviantWEAR's avatar
I was Born on April 7, 1963, Saint-Symphorien
Maf-Mafeya0291's avatar
I want to enter T_T
It's been weeks since my tab broke, and I still need to buy another one.
Right!! Here I go!! Owo!!
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MawzProfessional Interface Designer
:D how cool! Im in!!!!!
znow-white's avatar
Now these will be fun to see.. :nod:
MisSToTi's avatar
hmmm, what does gluttony mean
AWdeV's avatar

eating way too much :P
MisSToTi's avatar
lol thanx,

now i know what gluttony means :P
AWdeV's avatar
you're welcome :)
AnimatedSuStenida's avatar
AnimatedSuStenidaHobbyist General Artist
Let´s see if I can make something nice :aww:
Disita's avatar
I Join my in! ^^
Stinky9's avatar
frack yeah i'm in...
mighterbump's avatar
mighterbumpHobbyist General Artist
I'm gonna do it(1/4 way done), but I don't want the sub.
LOTRLegolas's avatar
There'll be a list of the already submitted entries ?
scolz's avatar
Fits perfect for me ;-) Gluttony, I come!
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