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Injured Dragon Heart
A Dragonheart Fanfic
Bowen froze when he heard a loud crashing and snapping of wood under an overwhelming weight.  Trained instincts to danger -- the instincts of a knight -- made him turn around quickly in the direction of the crash; it took his eyes a moment to focus on the large mass of scales and hide in the darkness of the night.  The dragon's body was still coming to rest, the trees still protesting after the dragon fell backwards onto them.  The roar of pain was still dying in the giant reptile's throat.
At first, Bowen didn't know what to do.  Two familiar voices in his head started echoing what he should or turn away.  His inner dragonslayer told him to just ignore the beast, but his inner knight told him to do something.  It was a struggle that last only a few moments as Bowen watched the dragon's breath become labored, his talons still clutching his left shoulder.  Like he had been
:iconshadow1alphalite:shadow1alphalite 19 23
To The Stars by TamHorse To The Stars :icontamhorse:TamHorse 77 55


Happy New Year, again.  I have plans for art, but right now I have this thing called "life" that I have to do every day that involves a job and student loan payments and games I want to play and books I want to read and blah blah blah. 
Sorry I haven't posted anything in... months now.  I finished my first year of college, and I daresay I did quite well.  Got a picture of Optimus Prime that I started work on during school that I still need to finish.  Shading and texturing for it is hard, because since Optimus is made of metal, he's very shiny, and it's tricky to get it right.  Also, I have a picture of Bumblebee that I started last summer that I still need to finish drawing before I scan it in and make it all pretty.  So many details.... Prime really was a beautiful show to look at.  I can only hope I do it some degree of justice when I finally finish some artwork.  So!  That's what's happening right now, besides the Fourth of July being on Saturday.  I also went to Madison to see a play of Pride and Prejudice, which was awesome.  Just thought I should say something about how I'm doing, since I haven't done so in quite a while. 
  • Listening to: Two Steps From Hell
  • Reading: Various books (but no textbooks!)
  • Watching: Transformers (I'm jumping between shows)
  • Playing: Diablo III
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: I like water and root beer, but not together


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Happy Birthday big sis! :cake: 
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Happy Birthday my dear sister! :cake: 
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I like birthdays.  And birthday cake. 
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