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July 4, 2010
Vader on Hoth by ~Livio27
From the suggester:
"It's a never before scene of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, that isn't all why. I don't find it too distracting to the eyes, my eyes move around yes but there is a centerpoint(Darth Vader) and my eyes follow around to the background and surroundings, seeing what is all going on in the battle of Hoth, my mouth dropped when I spotted the Snowtroopers standing on the Leg of the AT-AT, And the piece got a personality to it as well with each character in it, Vader for example, acting dark and cold as the AT-AT fell behind him as he walks straight to the Rebel Base, the Snowtroopers all engaged in battle doing that classic "do or die for the Empire" makes me fall in love with the movie all over again and makes me want to go home and play Star Wars: Battlefront for the X Box console as I already feel like i am in this battle in this piece."
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Suggested by Theo-Kyp-Serenno
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Vader on Hoth

As any fellow Star Wars fanatic knows, this year is the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. My favorite movie of all time.

I always thought "Empire" showed Darth Vader at his most hardcore(Brutally mauling his own son, torturing Han Solo because he enjoys it, ordering his own fleet into an asteroid field and patiently waiting as it gets beat to hell, making a habit of choking his own overly polite officers, constantly changing the terms of a deal seemingly only because he likes screwing with Lando's mind, conspiring against his own Master, and generally not giving a %&#^).

And, the moment when Vader goes in with the ground troops raiding the rebel base during the battle of Hoth. I always liked that he doesn't care that there's a warzone all around him and he's going in on foot. With this painting, I wanted to pay an homage to that scene with one of those "could have happened off-screen!" moments. The idea here is that the Walker in the center has been brought down by rebel fire, but in true Vader fashion-he just doesn't care, and is strolling straight through the warzone toward the rebel base. I really worked on the atmospheric perspective here so that it looked similar to the film's colors.
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Nice work regarding the image. And Vader in Empire was definitely a badass there, no doubt about it.

My only real disagreement with your summation of his role in TESB was the reason for his torturing Solo. It wasn't so much that he enjoyed it per-se, as he needed bait to get Luke to Bespin, and he made sure Han was tortured at such a frequency that Luke could sense it from a Disturbance in the Force regardless of where he was, so it was more pragmatic than it was simple sadism. Doesn't detract from Vader's awesomeness, though.

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Thank you! And you're totally correct. I remember Lucas saying that later on the audio commentary for the movie. At the time I was thinking more of what Han's perception on it was, that he was being tortured just to be tortured.

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I wrote the next history inspired on your Image:

Princess Leia, in the middle of the room between screens and mission controls, was dressed in her white combat outfit, her hair in a short headdress, even in her battle dress she imposed respect and was surrounded by a halo of elegance. And that voice that she had, was a voice that was sweet and strong at the same time.

"So you soldiers are Dameron and Mothma."

"At your command, Your Highness," the two soldiers replied, squaring up and sinking the heels of their boots on the frozen ground.

-Lieutenant Kirh has informed me that you have volunteered and I want to thank you personally, what you are going to do is a very dangerous task that few would do in these circumstances-

"Volunteers .. Lieutenant Kirh .. Dangerous task." Dameron looked askance at Mothma and he muttered under his breath - so without resentment eh.. that piece of shit Lieutenant-

The princess continued as she walked from side to side giving orders to the personnel who entered and left:

-We do not know how the empire has found this base, the odds were minimal ... -

He stopped and saw how Leia Organa lost poise and paled as she continued with a certain break in her voice:

-Have you heard about the Dark Lord?

"You mean that being called Darth Vader by his highness?" - Mothma asked

-Darth vader. The Dark Lord, his wickedness had many names-

-Yes, we know about him, in the inductive conference they informed us what kind of monster he was and how he died in the imperial station that was on the way to destroy Yavin IV-

The princess shook her head. "I am afraid the Dark Lord, Darth Vader, did not die in the destruction of the death star, there are rumors that it is he himself who has accurately led the latest attacks on our allies." If so, we are lost when planning among many and with much anticipation our movements. Because he has the ability to read thoughts and what is much worse: he can insert ideas into your mind. -

Dameron and Mothma, the latter despite being emboldened with the drug in their veins, were petrified, they had heard horrible things about Darth Vader, and although they supposed they were legends the simple fact of knowing that this being was alive and on that planet terrified them. As Princess Leia Organa went on, a fear had embedded itself in Dameron's guts and the Princess's voice no longer seemed so agreeable to her.

The princess interrupted her exposition to hand over a few cylinders of information to an officer and then went on to point out on a holographic map suspended in the middle of the room:

-The Delta sector to the east of our base is the place that we have left most unprotected as a decoy so that the empire can begin its attack there, that will give us more time to leave the planet and save the most troops that may fall in the claws of the enemy.

Mothma, Dameron: your mission is to bet on that sector and wait for the enemy to advance to you. If what they say is true, Darth Vader will go to the head of the first assault troops, I need you to transmit an image of him to confirm his presence as he is alive. May the force be with you-

With that said, he handed a high-capacity image transmitter to Dameron and silently looked at both of them interspersed a couple of times. Inside he weighed whether that girl and her partner would be able to carry out the orders.

Mothma took a step forward and before he spoke, Dameron seconded him, exclaiming in a martial tone: "We will fulfill our mission, Your Highness." After planting heels, they turned and walked down the corridor towards the eastern sector,

The Princess saw them leave at a fast pace and I whisper: -I hope so

Echo base. West Hangar: 47 min later

The ion cannon fired one last time attesting that enemy troops had overwhelmed the special forces guarding the firing control room inside the facility. The Echo rebel base had already fallen into the hands of the empire.

At that precise moment, Princess Leia was already on board a ship: the Millennium Falcon, which had just emerged from one of the hangars hidden within the mountain. The Falcon sped into the sky at full speed, spitting blue plasma from its rear engines as enemy troops on the ground shot at them with everything. Communication transmissions on the planet Hoth were beginning to be obstructed by the empire. The princess cast one last glance at the abandoned base, now surrounded entirely by Imperial assault troops.

Suddenly Leia's communication bracelet received a priority message signal from the planet's surface, emitted by the high-powered device delivered to Dameron. An encoded transmission with an attached graphic image that simply said:

: Your Highness: affirmative. The Dark Lord is here-

: End of transmission

History: Rafael I. Farfán

2020 JUL 24

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Giant mechs walkings toward enemy - Meh we can deal with it
Lord Vader walking toward enemy - SH&%T RUUUUUUN!!!! D8
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Symmetrical asymmetry, not just an oxymoron but also a very difficult arrangement to perfect in a piece. You got it down though and it really hones in on the importance, power, and rage of Vader. I like fan art, but I LOVE well composed and well rendered art. Not too mention this utilizes leading lines all around that point back in on the cyborg sith himself. This feels just like the movie but with even more badassery
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Thanks so much! Appreciate it!
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no one is better than darth vader in the epic class
That's freaking awsome!!!
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So badass! Great work!
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Hoth is one of my favorite battles in the Star Wars Universe.  You have captured this moment in the most phenomenal ways possible.  Well done!
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Thanks a lot! And Hoth is definitely a favorite battle for me as well!
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Stunning work man!
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Wow... SO much detail although I like how you gloss over specific features and draw on our own knowledge. The only thing that'd make this better would be if the lightsaber was ignited, but he's in a rush. The Force is more useful when one needs to hurry. Lightsaber is too slow for Vader.
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Amazing, I can totally see him doing just that. Loving the way his the cape flows around him.
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Vader vs Snowspeeder... Saber throw beats Snowspeeder every time.
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So much intensity
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Wow. No really, just... WOW!

Instant Fave from a Star Wars Fan =D

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When I saw this, I was like..."WOAH! Vader looks so badass!!!!!!!" :D:D:D:D

Excellent work, my friend! :D
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